Core, Creation & Manifestation!

One of the things I have learned since starting my yoni egg practice is how strengthening the pelvic floor goes hand-in-hand with having a strong core. And that when I strengthen my core, it is amazing the effect it has on me regarding how I feel about facing the world and also how I start to get shit done! I feel like I am starting to stand straighter in the world (both literally and figuratively) and with that seems to come strength and clarity of both purpose and direction.

Adding in additional core-strengthening exercises such as the 5 Tibetans or those taught in Pilates, accentuates this feeling even more.

I’ll be honest with you – exercise is definitely not my strong point! But the thing that keeps me coming back to doing core-strengthening exercises is the way it makes me feel. Using a yoni egg as well makes me feel I can take on anything – it never fails to amaze me how keeping up with a regular practice radically improves my confidence and drive.

When I’ve done a few days in a row of both the core-strengthening and yoni egg, I feel so much more motivated and able to get things done.   I believe this is because strengthening our core also energises our third – solar plexus – chakra – and this energy gateway governs the actual manifestation of our ideas. We tend to receive inspiration via the crown and third eye chakras and energise this with our creative, sexual energy – but in order to then manifest these ideas and make this inspired energy real, we need to engage the solar plexus chakra too. It’s a combined process!

Using a yoni egg strengthens our core at a very deep, internal level, as well, of course, as revving up our sexual energy in order to kick-start our latest creation! Combine this with core-strengthening exercises such as the 5 Tibetans and you have a winning formula for manifestation and direction in your life.

This combination is really helping me bring some long-awaited creations to fruition at the moment and is generally making me feel very strong, vibrant and on-purpose as I do so.

Add some QiGong into the mix, to energise and rejuvenate you, and your energy will skyrocket!

Check out this video where I demonstrate the 5 Tibetans and also show you one of my favourite, super-simple QiGong moves for increasing your energy too.  You can Google the 5 Tibetans for more info – and you can visit for more simple QiGong moves that can make all the difference in your life.


The Five Tibetans/Tibetan Longevity Rites

Tibetan monks carry out the 5 Tibetan Rites – or 5 Tibetans – every morning upon rising.  They believe them to be an important longevity practice for both mind and body – as they help us to open more to life-force energy – which unblocks and clears out negative energy in the body – and is then directed through the body via our meridian systems to our vital organs.  Doing this as a daily practice helps keep us healthy and vibrant.


As well as being energising and releasing stress, regularly practicing these rites can also improve breathing, posture and digestion, aid with weight loss and improve unwanted menstrual or menopausal symptoms.  They reduce pain, reverse aging, balance our mental and emotional states and improve sleep.  They also re-balance all the chakras and endocrine (hormonal) system – which governs all of our bodily functions.  Not bad for 5 simple moves!  Start doing 3 repetitions of each one per day and work your way up from here to a total of 21 repetitions per rite.  They are actually more strenuous than they might look, so take care not to overdo things in the beginning.



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