On Yoni Eggs….

Surpassed my wildest dreams!

All I can say is, Wow wow wow, what an amazing experience.  So recommending this product to all my female friends.  (Petra)

Connecting with yourself

Enjoying building this connection with myself using this product.  Believe this is a powerful force which all women should try and tap into.  (Deirdre)

Brilliant product

As a Pilates instructor I frequently come across clients struggling with bladder incontinence.  I recommend yoni eggs to them and those who have bought and used them (together with doing Pilates) have had excellent result, even avoiding surgery!  The added benefit of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles is a reduction in lower back pain too.  (Pilates professional)

Get your yoni eggs

This is truly an amazing product.  It helped me to increase sensitivity and to create a deeper connection with my yoni.  My natural lubrication has gone up and period pains down.  I recommend yoni eggs to all my sisters and friends.  I am even starting to collect them in different stones.  (Zee)

Life Changing

After having children I was sterilised.  I was sadly not warned about the after-effects it can have.  My doctor was monitoring me for a hysterectomy as my menstrual cycle had become so painful.  After 1 month of using the yoni eggs, my first menstrual cycle, I didn’t have to take any form of pain killers!  First time in 2 years!  Thank you xxx  (CJ)

Worth the buy

It’s a multi-faceted product, which women should invest in.  (Chix2)

Awesome jade

Great product which I think should be every female’s companion.  It increases libido and gets rid of menstrual cramps.  Am glad I discovered it!  (Inno)


Different, but a good way to strengthen.  (K)

Powerful secret

Nothing necessarily to talk about but with great impact in various ways and absolutely divine as it is working, by itself simply being there, without an effort, love it!  (Marie)

We enjoy this

Greatly pleasurable.  Worked wonders for our relationship.  Thanks.  (Alistair)

All women should have these!

Have used these only a handful of times (still trying to get into a routine with my yoni eggs!)  Great way to strengthen those hard to get to muscles!  Will be back for another review in a few months when I’ve used them consistently to notice a difference!  (Claire)