Which Stone?

Why The Different Stones?

Yoni eggs-17Different crystals emit different healing vibrations and, as such, can be used to help heal/assist with different issues in our lives, restoring us to our natural state of balance, leading to better overall physical, mental and spiritual well being. Using gemstones inside the vagina or yoni (“sacred space”) resonates the vibration at a much deeper and more subtle level than occurs when used outside of the body.

(Special Note:-  I would just like to say here that I don’t include all or any stones in my yoni egg range – for the simple reason that I don’t consider all stones to be appropriate for/relevant to a yoni egg practice.  So I have selected the stones that I use very carefully – and I suggest to anyone wishing to choose a yoni egg to research its properties closely and see how they relate to a sexuality practice before ordering it simply by the way it looks or because you may have found it a useful stone to apply to other areas of your life or to other challenges you have had to deal with.  And some stones can even be counter-productive to the sexual healing process – eg clear quartz (amplifies emotions – which, depending on the individual, can be too much to integrate when already dealing with the intensity that tends to accompany sexual issues), moonstone (contains aluminum and is toxic internally, as well as also intensifying emotions) or lapis lazuli or labradorite (both of which are very toxic when worn internally).  This is definitely a point that I would advise giving some focussed consideration to).  

Various stones are used to make the Eggs on this site, namely the following:-

Xiuyan Jade

Yoni eggs-20Xiuyan Jade is also known as Serpentine Jade or Water Jade and is mainly from Xiuyan County in Liaoning Province, China.  It can occur in a variety of different colours – white, yellow, light yellow, pink, green, dark green and light green, with various shades of green being the most common.

Xiuyan Jade has been used to make Jade artifacts in China for thousands of years.  Xiuyan Jade Eggs polish to a smooth finish and are hard to scratch or damage. The Xiuyan Jade Eggs sold on this site are a mixture of a beautiful translucent green and shades of milky green. The abundance of Xiuyan Jade makes it a more affordable option for a Jade Egg.

Xiuyan Jade assists in cellular regeneration and in replenishing one’s energy. It is also said to be beneficial for kidney function, hormone balance and relieving tension, making it a perfect stone for a Jade Egg practice.

Xiuyan Jade is very effective at awakening the kundalini energy and thus activating all chakras from the base to the crown in a safe and balanced way. It clears blocked energies and allows a healthy, natural flow to be re-established – and as such can be particularly harmonising for a woman’s menstrual flow. Xiuyan Jade also enhances our communication with Nature and the Earth – including animal, plant and stone communication and allows us to unlock the stored cumulative knowledge of the natural world.

(Note – some Western gemologists do not consider Xiuyan Jade to be genuine jade – which frustrates and angers the Chinese as they have used this to make their own jade artifacts for thousands of years.  But somewhere, someone came along and decided to “tell them how it is!”  More Western imperialist nonsense by the sound of it!  Xiuyan Jade is the original jade used to make jade eggs and is also the same jade so revered by the Maoris in New Zealand).

Nephrite Jade

Yoni eggs-7Nephrite Jade is a dark green stone and is a heavier stone than either Xiuyan Jade or Rose Quartz. It is a heart-healing stone and is great for dreaming and for connecting us with our innate well-being and balance. Nephrite Jade encourages one to revel in life and to fully enjoy this foray into the physical realm – making it an excellent stone for a Jade Egg practice. It teaches us to allow joy in our lives. It strengthens and soothes the nervous system and is also very beneficial for kidney function. It is a classic abundance stone and encourages harmony, peace and loving kindness in both business and personal relationships.

The Taoist Grandmaster, Mantak Chia, believes all types of jade to be very effective in attracting and concentrating the Yin essence – passive, sustaining power – of a woman – another reason why jade has been favoured for this practice for so long.

Rose Quartz

Yoni eggs-12Rose Quartz is a very powerful, yet exceedingly gentle, stone – it is the quintessential stone of love and, as such, stimulates and opens the heart chakra and clears the emotional body. Rose Quartz is clearly feminine in tone and is calming and cleansing, facilitating the release of stress, tension, fear and anger. Physically, it helps cure heart imbalances and reprogrammes the cells for joy and longevity. Rose Quartz spreads compassion and gentle understanding. A beautiful stone to use for a Jade Egg practice.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper Medium - Studio 4Red Jasper is extremely helpful to facilitate the releasing of sexual shame and guilt – something so many of us struggle with to one degree or another.  It also activates sexual and creative energy as well as being very grounding and stabilising for our emotions.  Red Jasper also helps bring about focus and self-mastery.
Red Jasper helps enhance one’s endurance and stamina by increasing the chi in one’s energetic field.  It is a stone of physical strength and energy and is wonderful for those needing extra support to recover from physical weakness due to illness. It enhances memory, especially of dreams and other inner experiences.  Its ability to activate sexual/creative energy can be very useful to counter issues of impotence or lack of sexual interest. It is an amazing ally for those wishing to heal and recover from violent sexual experiences.  It is said to have a down-to-earth “nobility” that just rubs off on its wearer.  All of this work it does gradually but powerfully.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is a protective stone – it seals the energetic field and removes energetic hooks and attachments, making it useful for releasing past sexual- emotional ties. It is very useful for sexual shadow work – removing blockages in the 1st and 2nd chakras, clearing abuse-based reproductive problems or unwanted sexual beliefs/patterns that no longer serve us. Its clearing qualities make it particularly suitable for cleansing sexual trauma/de-armouring.

Black Obsidian is a strong grounding stone, stimulating the root chakra to make its connection deep into the core of the earth.  Black Obsidian’s energy creates a protective shield that helps one to remain centred when faced with negativity – very useful when untangling oneself from toxic relationships.  It also allows us to perceive where we are creating negativity in our own lives, guiding us to change the underlying patterns that create a negative reality or inhibit our spiritual and personal growth.  It helps us to understand, accept and transmute our shadow nature so that we use it to work for us, rather than against us.