Your Q&A

Q&A – JUNE 2018

Q)  How long before one should expect increased results in love-making?

 A)  Wow, this is a tricky one to answer!  There is no exact timeline for this process as it very much depends on your starting point.  For instance, if you haven’t experienced any serious sexual trauma, are already relatively comfortable with your sexuality, have a wonderful relationship with your partner, already orgasm easily and are simply wishing to open yourself up to experiencing even more pleasure, this should not, by all accounts, be a long road for you.  Use of a yoni egg definitely wakes up our pleasure pathways in a very profound and effective way.  We can also learn tone and dexterity – toning the vaginal muscles and then learning muscular control of the different zones of the vagina (fun!) – both of which certainly help add significantly to the love-making experience for both partners.  So that’s the functional side of things.

At the same time, however, we mustn’t forget that really great sex is far more complex than just function and that it always correlates with how open and surrendered we are.   And how open and deeply connected we are with our partners, and how vulnerable we are willing to be in front of them, is going to have the most effect on increasing the results in love-making.  Where all of these practices – including the yoni egg – help in this is the removal of blocks and trauma from our bodies and building up a super-positive, conscious and loving relationship with ourselves and our bodies first and foremost, where we know how to access our own turn-on and pleasure – without which any sexual encounter is going to result in only limited satisfaction and enjoyment.  And how fast that happens is totally up to you.


Q)  Can you sleep with the egg in?  Do you have proof/studies that frequent use lessens heavy periods?

A)  I used to recommend sleeping with the egg in – until one of my teachers pointed out that this can compress the muscular wall of the vagina (against which the egg is lying) for several hours if we stay in the same position all night.  That makes sense to me.  So now I recommend that if you want to sleep with your egg, put it under your pillow.  It’s a great time to connect with the crystal and its qualities without causing any unwanted muscular compression.

As for proof and studies that frequent use lessens heavy periods – there have been zero scientific studies done on yoni eggs so far.  In fact even studies on women’s sexuality in general are few and far between (only recently has interest in women’s sexuality really begun to pique and be taken seriously).  Two of my teachers – Saida Desilets and Layla Martin – are planning to change all that though, by funding the research themselves.  I will keep you posted as to their progress.  In the meantime, what I can explain is the reason heavy periods would lessen with use of a yoni egg (and I have had women tell me that theirs have), which is because regular use of a yoni egg helps to bring about hormonal balance.  This happens due to the increased circulation to our reproductive systems – which, when they are receiving the nutrition and detoxification they need (physical component), and also when we are actively releasing sexual blocks and trauma (emotional component), then our hormones will automatically start to be produced in the perfect quantity and balance.  This in turn heals fibroids and reduces other causes of excessive bleeding as well.  Painful periods also improve – for the same reasons.  Healthy periods are neither painful nor excessive – but we have to address both the physical and emotional aspects of this imbalance in order to bring about improvement.  A regular yoni egg practice can do all of this.  Yoni steaming can also help a lot here.

Energetically too, when we strengthen the pelvic floor muscle, and especially the urogenital and pelvic diaphragms (as we do when using a yoni egg), these diaphragms serve as floors to the sexual organs and all vital organs.  When the pelvic muscle and diaphragms are loose, life-force energy will leak out from the organs as they stack upon each other, dropping all their weight to rest upon the perineum. When strong, the muscle and the diaphragm function as seals, preventing leakage of life-force and sexual energies.  This “leakage” of life-force also refers to excessively heavy menstrual bleeding.   Vaginal weightlifting is particularly effective at strengthening these diaphragms – and I will be covering this aspect of using a yoni egg in a future blog.  So stay tuned!