How To Steam Without A Steaming Stool or Sauna

Although using a steaming stool or sauna is by far the most convenient and comfortable way to steam, it is still totally possible to steam without either of these.  Here’s how you do that…

  • Once your herbs are boiled and ready and your steaming space set up, place a heatproof cutting board or rug or towel underneath the hot pot to protect the floor.

  • Place your feet on either side of the pot – the pot is hot so a good idea is to wrap a towel around it first so that you don’t burn yourself.

  • Carefully lower your knees to either side of the pot.


  • You can steam in this position.  Wrap a towel or blanket around your lower body to contain the steam (you can let some steam out by opening the towel/blanket if it feels too hot).
  • Or you can rest your arms and head in a kneeling position on the floor if you prefer.

Alternate Setup

  • Modify a chair by somehow creating a hole in it and using your own pot and burner.
  • Caution: I do not recommend using a plastic seat of any kind because the hot steam can cause plastic toxins to release, tarnish the herbs and be absorbed by your highly-absorbent vaginal tissue!