Nasal Steaming

The therapeutic power of steam is quite phenomenal – as I have witnessed time again since using and selling yoni steaming herbs several years ago.

When herbs are boiled in water, the steam has the incredible ability to carry micro-particles of the healing volatile oils in the herbs directly into the tissues where they are needed.  As well as softly and gently opening up the tissues to receive them.  The effectiveness and speed of the results speak for themselves.

So last week, as the whole Covid-19 panic was building, I got to thinking about how herbal steams could assist in both the prevention and alleviation of the symptoms of this virus.  I have fond memories of using steam to deal with cold and flu symptoms when I was a child – such a soothing and effective practice!

Moving on a few decades, I now have a wealth of herbal knowledge and experience that has just made me fall more and more in love with our powerful herbal allies.  My husband and I have been making medicinal mushrooms and teas for nearly 6 years now and I have been selling yoni steaming herbs for the past 3 years.   The healing power of plants never ceases to blow my mind.

And so I have put together a potent combination of anti-viral, anti-bacterial, immune-boosting and lung-fortifying herbs that people can use for steam inhalation as prevention against – and even possible treatment of – Covid-19 and other similar flu/coronaviruses.

So what are we being told about this particular virus?

  • It spreads very quickly from person to person.
  • Just as with seasonal flu, it can be deadly to certain populations of people.

Its serious risks seem to be the following:-

  • It causes a lung infection (pneumonia); or
  • It causes organs to go septic (a condition where the body tries to kill a viral or bacterial infection but because the immune system goes into overdrive, then causes damage to multiple organ systems resulting in organ failure).

Both of these causes of death are bacterial in nature – but viruses and bacteria work hand-in-hand. The virus uses the bacteria’s natural motility to penetrate the body’s protective mucus layers and enter the cells (viral cells have no mobility skills of their own – although they can slowly “diffuse” through the mucus layers – but this takes days rather than minutes, as with bacteria); and the bacteria taking advantage of a virus’s ability to locally inactivate the immune cells that chase the bacteria, hence allowing it to take hold and multiply unchecked.

I feel strongly that nasal steaming has a key part to play in combating both pneumonia and sepsis – and also in preventing them.

Nasal Steams and Covid-19

As I have already mentioned, nasal steaming for colds and other lung infections is an ancient and time-tested health care technique.

Much like yoni/vaginal steaming can reach the uterus and help to clear out old residue and irregular discharge, a nasal steam can also do the same with the lungs and nasal passages. Clearing out the mucus helps to decrease the risk of lung infection and breathing difficulty. As the mucus drains out it also helps to clear both the virus and bacteria travelling through the mucus.

Additionally, there is evidence that shows that this particular coronavirus is really fragile and can’t survive at warm temperatures (which is probably one reason South Africa doesn’t have a huge number of cases as yet). This means that a nasal steam not only decongests, but may also kill the virus upon contact.

It’s perhaps these same qualities that is helping so many yoni steam users naturally get rid of HPV – the virus that attacks the cervix and can eventually lead to cervical cancer.

Combining the best anti-viral, anti-bacterial, lung-fortifying herbs I know, I feel confident that this formulation is a herbal powerhouse with enormous potential to help with this current situation – as well as for other common colds and flu viruses.  Adding potent immune-boosting tonic herbs such as reishi and astragalus too – with their water-soluble polysaccharides being carried into the body and being immediately absorbed by all the cells they come into contact with – completes this incredibly powerful defensive health-care tool.

On a side note – the Red Reishi and Usnea are both wild-harvested from our Knysna Forest Farm – bringing the energy of this fresh, green, oxygen-rich environment right to wherever you are!  Breathe it in!

My conclusions from all of this is that nasal steaming may well help keep us safe and further help to contain the spread of this virus. I’d recommend everyone in the same household nasal steams on the same day in order to kill the virus in anyone who may be carrying it and then for everyone to do a repeat steam anytime someone goes into public. And nasal steaming should be done immediately and at least once-daily if someone starts to develop a cough, shortness of breath, fever, runny nose, aches or excessive fatigue.

Nasal steaming is super simple – all you need is a pot and water and half a cup of herbs, with a towel or blanket to cover your head to create a steaming “tent”.

Great As A Tea Too!

When I created this product, I didn’t set out to create a delicious herbal tea too – but it seems that is what happened!  It truly is a super delicious, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, immune-boosting tea as well 🙂  Use 1 heaped teaspoon per cup of boiling water and leave to steep for 5 minutes.  Sweeten with honey if wished.

Directions For Nasal Steaming:- Add half a cup of herbs to 2 litres of water. Bring to the boil and simmer gently for 10 minutes. Remove the pot from the heat and put your face over the pot, covering your entire head/shoulders with a towel or blanket to create a “tent”. If steam is too hot, open one side of the “tent” to cool it down. Inhale deeply and think happy, relaxing thoughts for as long as the steam remains warm! (TIP – This is a great time to listen to a meditation or other uplifting material/music too!)  ENJOY!

MOST IMPORTANTLY – DO NOT PANIC! With a little know-how and clever life hacks like this, this virus is TOTALLY manageable! Rather, try to ENJOY the slower pace of life for the next few months – and help others in need – particularly the elderly – where you can!

You can order these herbs on my shop here.  They are available in packets of 5-Steams, 10-Steams or bulk packs of 30-Steams.  I have kept the prices as affordable as possible as the economic fall-out from all of this is, I know, causing untold damage and hardship for many.

Spread the word about these herbs amongst your friends, family and neighbours.  This is such a simple practice that promises hugely beneficial results.

NB – My Nasal Steaming herbs are unfortunately not safe to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.  If you are pregnant/breastfeeding and still wanting to nasal steam, please contact me here for further advice.