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I am absolutely passionate about providing women with tools and practices that empower us to take control of our own sexual health and happiness – and, as such, I now offer online courses – the best way I can see to reach as many women as possible.

Women’s sexual health is, in general, radically misunderstood by mainstream medicine – and society at large – and the kind of treatments being offered to women for various reproductive disorders are often nothing short of appalling.  As a result, more and more women are now looking for gentle, respectful, yet effective ways to manage their own sexual health.  And, in my experience, the best place for that care to be is in our own hands.

As well as this, more and more women are also starting to prioritise their sexual pleasure – another massively misunderstood subject!  Women are understanding just how important it is to start to heal our sexual trauma and shame.  As well as how important it is to at least make friends with – and preferably fall in love with! – our own bodies.  Which is not something we are usually taught to do.  But we are learning how all of this is vital  – even if simply to be comfortable in our own skin, let alone for creating healthy, intimate relationships.  Beyond that, we are starting to explore the role of sexual energy, pleasure, and orgasm in terms of personal power, creativity, manifestation and all-round vitality.  Creating vibrant emotional sexual health as well as physical – both equally important and intrinsically connected.

Women’s sexual health runs complex and deep.  But, as with all things, the way back to thriving sexual health – or Yoni Vitality as I call it – does not have to be complicated.  In fact, all of the tools and practices that I share are super-simple and have been around for thousands of years.

For me, those tools and practices include yoni eggs, yoni wands, yoni steaming herbs and yoni pearls.  You can read about all of them individually on this site.

Holistic Yoni Steaming Consultations

I am available for individual, online (feedback provided via email) yoni steaming consultations, to assist with menstrual and other sexual health imbalances.

Prior to doing your first yoni steaming session, it is highly advisable to have a personal assessment carried out by a qualified yoni steaming practitioner.  Such an assessment makes sure that the herb blend and protocol are the safest and most effective for your needs – as well as providing more information that can then be used to offer supportive holistic healing suggestions.

I offer both Mini and Full Consultations – the difference being that the Mini Consultation is a once-off consultation, whereas the Full Consultation includes email follow-ups at 1, 2 and 3 month intervals, when any alterations to the herbs/protocol being used can be made if necessary.

Either consultation will provide you with a yoni steaming assessment and the herb/protocol recommendations to suit your own personal constitution/needs that stem from that.  Yoni teas & yoni pearls suggestions are given too, as appropriate.  Any relevant supporting health information/suggestions is then provided too.  Consultations are all online and can be booked via my webshop – upon payment you will receive an email with a link to an online assessment form to complete and I will get back to you with feedback and recommendations within 24-48 hours.

The cost of the herbs is not included in the consultation fee – so these will need to be ordered separately. If you are not located in South Africa, I will direct you to the best steaming herb suppliers in/nearest to the country you live in – or will direct you how to make up your own formula.

Course Offerings

I currently offer the following online courses.   All of them include a live (but optional) Zoom call component:-

Breast Love 101 –  How to implement some simple, practical breast and heart self-care practices into your life (our breasts and hearts are very closely connected).  This course, which opens once or twice a year, has a specific focus on breast massage techniques (along with a guided daily breast massage routine for you to follow), as well as covering breathwork, meditation, healthy nutrition & supplementation, breast screening and breast-friendly natural body products.  There is even a section on manifestation and its relationship to self-care and self-love, as I understand it, as well as a meditation guiding you to manifest your dream life using simple breast massage and the sexual energy this generates.  Which is not only super-powerful but super-fun too!  You can click here to be notified when this course opens again, and, when you do, you will also receive a free copy of my beautifully illustrated Breast Love 101 wall chart – which provides gentle reminders as to how to show yourself some Breast Love on a daily basis.

Yoni Vitality Programme – for those of you who would like a broader foundation in all things holistic sexual self-care, as well as a deeper dive into your own personal sexual journey, I have created my Yoni Vitality Programme, which opens for registration twice a year.  If you would like to be notified about when that happens, you can sign up to my mailing list on the Yoni Vitality site – or by filling in the purple box to the right of the page here.  By way of introduction, you will also be sent a free copy of my beautifully illustrated Yoni Love 101 ebook – in which I explore the current state of women’s sexual health and conventional ways of treating it, as well as – far more importantly – looking at holistic alternatives to dealing with our sexual health on both a physical and emotional level – and the sexual happiness that naturally flows from this.

Amrita Journey – a detailed guide to G-spot stimulation and female ejaculation aka “squirting”.  This is another profound journey – one that covers the history of female ejaculation and explores what this practice opens up for us in terms of sexual liberation, expansion and connection.  A truly transformative, transcendental, fun and deeply erotic adventure that I would love for every woman to experience at least once in her lifetime!  G-spot stimulation and the ejaculation that can result from this enables us to release pain and sexual trauma.  It enables us to revel and (almost literally at times!) bathe in our sexual excitement.  It is both cleansing and erotic.  The emotional aspect of it is profound surrender and the “afterglow” created feels very light and very high.  G-spot stimulation and ejaculation opens us up to deep trauma release and the healing orgasmic/pleasure energy that is at the heart of the deepest sexual experiences – such a vital key to living a fulfilling, joyful, pleasure-fuelled and connected life.  If you would like to experience this for yourself – or would like to understand your own G-spot/squirting experiences more deeply, then the Amrita Journey can show you the way.

Holistic Sexual Wellness Facilitator Training Programme – If you are a woman and are feeling called to work more closely with women’s sexual health in a holistic capacity – either as an add-on to your existing work, or as a newer calling in your life – then this programme is an excellent place to start. The Holistic Sexual Wellness Facilitator Training Programme predominantly covers the phenomenally powerful, ancient practice of yoni steaming – which really should be every gynaecologist’s first resort! All of the physical practicalities & considerations, as well as the emotional components of releasing stuck emotions & trauma using yoni steaming, are covered. It also includes an extensive section on creating your own herbal steaming blends to address different sexual health issues.  Working with our monthly Infradian rhythm, as well as how to practice the most beneficial moontime/period care, are also covered, along with additional supportive diet and lifestyle tips for restoring balance and relieving the most common female sexual health issues.

On top of this, we also cover the basics of yoni/womb tea blends and yoni pearls. In addition, there will be foundational training in using yoni eggs to address the toning and strengthening of the vaginal muscles and bodily reconnection (as well as for a multitude of other benefits), and also how to use yoni wands to release stored tension and trauma, unlocking more pleasure and joy in our lives as we do so. In a nutshell – a complete toolbox of tools and practices to restore and maintain your client’s sexual health and happiness in tip-top condition.

As this work can be used in both an online, as well as an in-person capacity, it is also a wonderful opportunity to create a source of income that is not at the whim of any lockdown restrictions.  It is also a great opportunity to learn and be able to offer new skills in one of the fastest-growing health and wellness niches at this time.

This is Women’s Medicine – By Women, For Women.  The training programme opens once or twice a year, depending on demand.  So, if this calls to you, be sure to sign up for the waiting list either by following this link – or by using one of the forms to the right of this page.  I really look forward to sharing this training with you – and helping you to help as many other women as possible using these powerful, ancient practices.

In Finishing

Looking after our own sexual self-care is a very holistic process – one that involves body, mind and spirit. It is multi-layered and ongoing. But fortunately, it is also one where more and more material is becoming available to help us navigate it – and achieve/maintain Yoni Vitality, which affects our entire lives.

So if any of these programmes appeal to you, please sign up to my mailing list using either the pink or purple form to the right of this page –  or follow the course link to its individual page, by clicking on the course title above, and sign up there.  You will be notified as soon as they re-open for registration.

I so look forward to you joining me on this journey.

♥ ♥ ♥