1. Bev

    Hi Juliet,
    Can you please advise on what herbs to use for uterine fibroids? I am 57 and have just started with menopausal symptoms so am hopeful that the fibroids will start to shrink now that my estrogen levels will drop? A slight concern: If I use hormone balancing herbs, will the herbs not ‘normalize’ my estrogen levels by stimulating estrogen production?

    • Hi Bev,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I have emailed you a slightly more detailed answer – but for those reading this blog who may have a similar question – you can actually use any of the herb blends for uterine fibroids – your choice will be based on your menstrual history/patterns. If you would like a full assessment of those patterns, you can sign up for a yoni steaming consultation – which includes an initial assessment and recommendation for the type of herbs and steaming protocol, plus follow-ups via email after 1, 2 and 3 months respectively. That would be my top recommendation in order to make sure you choose the right herbs for your own unique constitution.

      The thing with steaming for fibroids is that it is a long process – it is recommended to do it every day for up to 3 months. During this time, some women have actually seen the fibroids come out of them – and some have just started to notice that the symptoms associated with the fibroids have lessened. But if you don’t see/experience such evidence then you may wish to have an ultrasound at the end of 3 months to see how things are looking.

      As for restoring hormonal balance – what steaming does is to increase circulation to the entire reproductive system – and this brings the necessary nutrients to the ovaries and removes toxins/waste from them – thus allowing them to produce their hormones in the right quantities and proportions to each other. But this will only happen according to the natural processes of your own body – it won’t override them. There are tonic herbs in the blends that support your blood and kidneys – and I do add therapeutic herbs as well but the therapeutic herbs are for bringing on a uterine cleanse or overcoming bacterial or yeast infections – they aren’t hormone boosters. The herbs are there to support your body in its natural processes – not to “boost” your hormones in any way.

      And yes, fibroids should definitely start shrinking as a natural consequence of lower estrogen following menopause.

      Hope this helps! xx

  2. Pamela

    Hello. I am 55 and had a partial hysterectomy. Which blend would be good for me??? And, do I steam first then use the Yoni eggs??

    • Hi Pamela, thanks for getting in touch. I have emailed you to ask for more information. Please let me know if you haven’t received that – otherwise, will chat further via email. Thanks! xx

  3. Hi ..am 32 years old can yoni steaming can help me to get pregnat cuz i had 2 ectopics pregnacy both tubes they cutted n i tried many ways to get pregnat

    • Hi Cynthia, thanks for getting in touch. So if I am understanding correctly, both of your tubes are tied? If so, how was this done? Via cauterisation (heat/burning?) If so, and scar tissue formed as result, consistent yoni steaming can, indeed, “melt” such tissue and “untie” your tubes. If you have had your tubes tied using a clip or a ring instead, however, then yoni steaming is highly unlikely to reverse this procedure. I hope this helps – but if I have misunderstood you, or you would like to continue this conversation privately, please send me a message using the “Contact” page and I will reply to you that way. Thanks and love! xx

  4. Kash

    Hi…I’m 28 and I’m experiencing vaginal numbness. I don’t feel pleasure during sex. Can yoni steaming help me get my groove back?

    • Hi Kash, thanks for getting in touch. Yoni steaming increases circulation – which can certainly help with restoring vaginal sensation. But you might find that “de-armouring” using a yoni wand is more effective at releasing any vaginal tension or physical/emotional stress that might be present (the usual reasons for vaginal numbness, which is a very common issue). You can read more about de-armouring at https://www.yonieggs.co.za/yoni-wands. Yoni wands are also wonderful for pleasure – so this would definitely be my top recommendation as to where to start. Regular use of a yoni egg would also improve circulation and sensation. So basically, wands, eggs and steaming would all help – probably in that order, although making time for such a nurturing practice as yoni steaming would always be a useful adjunct to any sexual healing programme, which is why I rate it so highly. Hope this helps! Love, Juliet xx

  5. Aaaliyah

    I am going to do both. But what should I do both?? I’m trying to get a balance hormone and increase my fertility been trying for some time.

    • Hi Aaaliyah, thanks for your message – do you mean you are wanting to use yoni steaming and yoni eggs and you want to know which to start with? xx

        • Hi Aaaliyah, hmmm, this is a tricky one to answer as both can bring benefit in terms of hormone-balancing and increasing fertility. Yoni steaming would still be my top choice though and is always a good foundational practice, no matter what aspect of our sexual health/happiness we are trying to address. Yoni eggs are incredibly good at reconnecting us to our sexuality though – which is naturally hormone-balancing and obviously helpful when trying to conceive… So – if you want to start with one, I would choose steaming – and then consider introducing yoni eggs once you are in a rhythm with that, or feel you could do with extra assistance. Hope this helps! xx

  6. Thato

    Hi there, I had my tubes tied in 2012 after giving birth via c-section but unfortunately we lost our little angel a month later as he was a premie. I’ve been trying to get it reversed but with lockdown my surgery keeps getting canceled and I’m losing hope as it’s a government hospital and they might actually not go ahead with it. My husband and I would love to conceive again but starting to lose hope. Can you advise and share testimony on the yoni steaming. Any information will really appreciated. TIA

    • Hi Thato, so sorry for such a late reply. Hmmm, do you know how your tubes were tied? Were they cauterised (cut and burned to form scar tissue to avoid any further passage of eggs to the womb) or fastened with a clip or tie? Dedicated yoni steaming can cause scar tissue to “melt”, effectively reversing tubal ligation surgery that has been carried out via cauterisation. So if this applies to you, you could try this – as long as you understand that there are no guarantees it will be successful. If your tubes were fastened with a clip or a tie, then reversal surgery really is your best bet. I totally understand that lockdown is playing havoc with people’s lives on this kind of level, which is so wrong – and really do feel for you in this. Trusting the process is going to be a huge one for you – and opening yourselves up to the possibility of alternatives like adoption might be worth considering too…. Not easy, I know – I understand where you are coming from and some things are much harder to surrender to than others. I learn more and more about the magic of surrender every single day – even when I don’t naturally wish to surrender to my circumstances, I have started to do so, more and more – and then to wait for the solution – which always comes and is always so perfect. Anyway, let me know what your personal situation is – if your tubes were cauterised and you need assistance with advising on a long-term, dedicated yoni steaming protocol, just let me know. Sending you so much love for it all xx

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