Set of 3 eggs on orange taffeta-1-webWelcome to the wonderful world of Yoni Eggs…  and the discovery of an incredibly powerful, ancient Taoist practice that stands to benefit all women – regardless of age, culture, spiritual beliefs and whether in a relationship, single or anything in between…

History of Yoni Eggs

The use of yoni eggs – or, as they are traditionally known, jade eggs – used to be a secret known only to royalty and the highest echelons of society in ancient China.  By carrying out the practice of inserting a jade egg into their vaginas, the Empress, wives and concubines of the noblemen of the day were able to connect fully with their sensual selves and experience full orgasmic bliss during sex – and pass on these benefits to their partners.  It also ensured that they remained youthful, radiant and vital as well as powerfully sexually-active well into old age.

And now yoni eggs have come to the West… and with them an extremely liberating, empowering and profound practice of self-discovery.  So… if you are interested in:-

  • strengthening your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles – and in doing so preventing pelvic organ (uterus, bladder, vagina, small intestine, rectum) prolapse and loss of bladder control;
  • preparing for, or recovering from childbirth
  • balancing your hormones and reducing PMS;
  • healing sexual trauma (abuse, miscarriage, abortion, difficult childbirth);
  • increasing your creativity, passion & libido;
  • increasing vaginal lubrication;
  • increasing the depth, intensity and frequency of orgasm for both partners;
  • reconnecting with your body, healing sexual shame and guilt; AND…
  • stepping into the embodiment of what it truly means to be a fully empowered sexual and sensual woman…  then read on…

Yoni eggs have the potential to help you unlock/achieve all of those… although at the same time, please understand they won’t do any of these for you – they are a tool and a practice to be used – not a magic bullet!  But if you’d like to discover how to use such a tool, then stay with me…  Because you have just made the discovery of a lifetime 🙂

Why “Yoni”?

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that literally translates as “sacred space”.  It is most commonly used to describe the vagina and sometimes the womb as well – but also has the wider interpretation of meaning “feminine creative force” or the “creative power of nature”.  All of these interpretations can be understood to fit with the function and nature of jade or “yoni” eggs.  It’s a word I like – in all its interpretations.  Hence “Yoni Eggs” being the chosen name for this project