1. Gugulethu Kunene

    Body reconnection is one of my needs but my pressing problem is uterine fibroids and I have just recently learnt that they have grown. Is there a Yoni combination particularly for this problem?

  2. Gianna

    Hi! I’m currently detoxing from the same parasites you listed within my uterus, biliharzia. I came across your page and I’ve been trying to find more ways to get these things out( while I detox with my practitioner) but, I’m wondering how would I do yoni steaming if I’m still on and off bleeding from the parasites? They cause me prolonged bleeding, and passing them has been crazy. Definitely any information would be so helpful for me!

    • Hi Gianna, thanks for getting in touch – and sorry to take so long to get back to you, only saw your message now. I have actually had bilharzia parasites in my bladder and when I consulted a functional doctor friend of mine, she immediately suggested I go the pharmaceutical route rather than try to detox these parasites naturally – as both her and I would normally choose to do. Reason being, that when parasites are affecting our organs in the way that they were affecting mine (I had been radically uncomfortable for months – felt like I had a bladder infection that just wouldn’t go away!) – and in the way they are clearly affecting your uterus too – then the situation is not something to play around with. This is the type of situation where pharmaceutical drugs can be super helpful – bringing a decisive stop to a dangerous situation before it does irreversible harm, following which we can then build ourselves up again using the natural means of our choice (in other words – use pharmaceutical drugs in emergency situations and for short periods of time only, then follow with usual holistic healing practices on top of these). The drug she prescribed for me was praziquante – and the dose was 20 mg/kg bodyweight three times a day as a one day treatment, at intervals of not less than 4 hours and not more than 6 hours. If symptoms repeat, then this treatment can be repeated after 2 months. I can’t recommend you do any yoni steaming if there is fresh red blood of any kind as steaming is a womb cleanse that could exacerbate the bleeding which is obviously dangerous. However, once you have had a month of not bleeding, then steaming 1-3 times per week (never when you have your period – for the same reason as above) can really help to heal and break down any scarring that may be left behind by the parasites. Another thing that can help is to take proteolytic enzymes (which you can do immediately from the day after you have taken the meds) – which also help to prevent scar tissue from forming/break down any that may have formed so far. Also, doing a nightly sitz bath or full bath (or even up to 3 times per day) with chlorine dioxide/MMS can also really assist in relieving pain, discomfort and inflammation from bladder/womb infections of all kinds, including those of a parasitic infection – https://alivenhealthy.com/2021/12/31/jim-humbles-bath-and-footbath-protocols-supporting-mms1-and-mms2-protocols/ I really hope this info is helpful to you – and wish you all the best for your healing journey. Much love xx

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