Why Use A Yoni Egg?

The benefits of using a yoni egg are many, profound and far-reaching:-

  • large egg & rosesTones the pelvic floor & helps prevent uterine, bladder and vaginal prolapse & also prevents loss of bladder control/incontinence
  • Tones vaginal muscles pre- and post-childbirth – making for easier childbirth and recovery; restores vaginal elasticity
  • Increases circulation and can help to repair any damaged nerve endings sustained during childbirth
  • Assists in energetic clearing of any sexual trauma – abuse, miscarriage, abortion or even a difficult childbirth
  • Increases orgasmic pleasure for both partners – deeper, more intense and more frequent orgasms for women due to increased vaginal sensitivity and awakened sexual energy; and stronger and more control of vaginal muscles = more pleasure for men
  • Increases vaginal lubrication
  • Relieves PMS & symptoms of menopause
  • Restores hormonal balance
  • Seals in energy lost during menstruation – and in doing so reduces any heavy bleeding, cramping and fatigue experienced
  • Assists in cases of infertility
  • Stimulates vaginal reflexology points – harmonising any imbalances of the body, just as with acupuncture
  • Very grounding
  • Anti-aging practice – creates an energetic lift throughout the body causing a natural facelift
  • Activates chi/life-force energy – connects us to our sexual centre and thus increases creativity, passion and libido
  • Awakens and cultivates divine feminine sexual & sensual energy

Physical Benefits

Many women, particularly those who had children, experience either uterine, bladder, vaginal, small intestinal or sometimes rectal prolapse, or some degree of incontinence at some stage in their lives.  Conventional medicine usually only offers surgery or medication for relief of these conditions – both of which come with plenty of unwanted and unpleasant side-effects.

PC muscleBy regular, daily use of a Yoni Egg, women are able to tone and strengthen their Pelvic Floor/Kegel muscle (also known as the pubococcygeus or PC muscle) as well as their urogenital and pelvic diaphragms.  The strength of these two diaphragms is vital as these diaphragms serve as floors to the sexual organs and all vital organs. When the PC muscle and diaphragms are loose, life-force energy will leak out from the organs as they stack upon each other, prolapsing and dropping all their weight to rest upon the perineum. When the PC muscle and diaphragms are strong however, the muscle and the diaphragms keep all organs where they should be and also function as seals, preventing leakage of life-force and sexual energies and maintaining a strong and vibrant disposition.  This in turn leads to a “natural face-lift” – creating this kind of physical and energetic lift in the body has a marvellous knock-on effect!  Some women have even been known to give up their Botox treatments after a few months of using a yoni egg – they can be that effective!

Inserting a yoni egg into the vagina also stimulates the vaginal reflexology points relating to the heart, spleen, liver, lungs and kidneys. By using a yoni egg these powerful points are stimulated, and the energy and efficiency of these organs is balanced and boosted in a similar way to conventional acupuncture.  Old stagnant emotions related to these organs are also released (as with conventional reflexology).  So this not only empowers  the health of the vagina, it also benefits the entire body/being.

Blood and lymph flow are also increased when we use a yoni egg regularly – as we are a “sitting culture”, it is easy for our pelvic area to atrophy and this cuts off the healthy flow of fluids and, with that, oxygen and nutrition as well.  Too much standing can do the same thing.  By increasing blood and lymph flow to the pelvic area once again we increase vitality and resilience to imbalances that can cause yeast and bladder infections.

This increased flow of fluids to the pelvic area also helps restore hormonal balance – reducing symptoms of PMS, heavy, painful periods and issues with infertility.  And the awakening of sexual energy and restoration of conscious connection between our psyche and bodies is also key to realising these benefits.

Benefits to Child-Bearing Women

bigstock-cute-african-mother-and-baby-s-50543474First thing to note here is that if you are planning to conceive and wish to use a yoni egg in order to tone your muscles both pre- and post-childbirth, you need to start your practice at least 6 months prior to conception.  But if you can plan to implement this in time then it is a great preparation for your pregnancy and birth.  And a happy, healthy pregnancy contributes in a massive way to a happy, healthy baby.

However, I would still err on the side of caution and say take a break from your practice once you are actually pregnant.  You can still lay a lot of groundwork prior to conception which can help to make for a much easier (even pleasurable!) childbirth experience and a full and faster recovery that is likely to be free of post-pregnancy complications.  This is particularly true for women who have natural childbirths – and mothers who have experienced multiple births will feel the greatest difference, as they can regain impressive vaginal tone and sensitivity, often lost after giving  birth to several children.

The shorter post-birth recovery time will also enhance you and your partner’s time with your new baby and together, without complications or distractions.  After childbirth, most women experience a stretching of the vagina and vaginal nerve loss resulting in decreased sexual sensitivity, while their partners also feel decreased stimulation and sexual enjoyment.   You can resume using a yoni egg 6 weeks post-partum (as long as any tissue trauma has healed).  Just 5-10 minutes of using a yoni egg on a daily basis will greatly increase healing and tightening of the vagina in addition to being a pleasant and relaxing way to tone the vaginal muscles easily and efficiently.  In this way, the return to an enjoyable sex life is also achieved far more quickly than if no yoni egg is used.  Hormonal balance is also restored again much more quickly.

Whilst on the subject of hormonal balance – use of a yoni egg and the beneficial effect it has on your hormones can also assist women who are finding it difficult to conceive.  Obviously, there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration here such as diet, lifestyle, stress levels and general health – but when proper circulation is restored to the pelvic organs and a woman’s sexual energy is flowing strongly (restoring her mind-body connection), her hormones become naturally balanced and conception becomes a far easier goal to attain.

Issues of temporary/permanent incontinence that are often experienced post-childbirth are also uncommon in those women who regularly use a yoni egg.  The pelvic floor muscles have to support a lot of extra weight for a prolonged period of time during pregnancy and as a result they become stretched and weakened.  Using a yoni egg has a strengthening effect on the PC muscle and urogenital and pelvic diaphragms, as explained above, thus restoring full support for the bladder and normal bladder control once again.

Sexual Benefits

Due to the taboo nature of sex in the West, most women have very under-toned vaginal muscles.  The importance of keeping the vagina toned, supple and dexterous is just not taught to most of us – and yet this is just as important as keeping the rest of our bodies exercised.  When the vaginal muscles are weak, this leads to vaginal desensitisation and dryness leading to weak/non-existent orgasms and/or uncomfortable sex.

Couple In EcstasyWhen a yoni egg is used on a daily basis, however, the entire vaginal area becomes far more sentient; more blood flows to this area creating increased lubrication; orgasms are far more frequent and much deeper and more intense – it becomes far easier to reach G-spot and full body cervical orgasms as opposed to more superficial clitoral orgasms; and stronger, toned muscles and more muscle control in general are developed – thereby creating more pleasure for men as well.

Regular use of a yoni egg also helps connect us far more deeply to this area of our bodies.  Most of us experience some kind of disconnect from our sexuality (see Sexual Trauma section below) – and getting back in touch with our bodies in such an intimate way helps us to release old, stuck, negative emotions and beliefs that no longer serve us.  This alone works wonders for improving our sex lives.

Sexual Trauma

Medium Single Eggs - no booklet or pouchMany women have also experienced some kind of sexual trauma in their lives – be it from abuse, miscarriage, abortion or difficult childbirth – or even just damaging societal conditioning – and using an egg made of a semi-precious gemstone or crystal proves to be an extremely healing process.  For a start it puts them back in touch with this area of their body – which, once traumatised, very often is shut down and ignored on all levels, thereby “locking” the trauma in.  By gently introducing a yoni egg into their most sacred space women are then able to slowly unlock and release the negativity of the past and get back in touch with their naturally sensual, sexual selves.

I would highly recommend processing any emotions that come up during a yoni egg practice using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or “Tapping”); TRE (Trauma Release Exercise) or EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing).

Benefits to Menopausal/Post-Menopausal Women

Yoni eggs are extremely beneficial to menopausal or post-menopausal women who want an alternative to standard pelvic floor exercises in order to improve pelvic and vaginal strength and lubrication.

There is absolutely no reason why women cannot continue to self-lubricate after menopause and use of a yoni egg will assist this process enormously. Other menopausal concerns such as hormonal imbalance, reduced bladder control and organ prolapse are also helped by this practice.

Pilates woman pelvic lift fitball exercise workout at gym indoorWomen suffering from reduced bladder control often see results in a few weeks.  Yoni eggs make pelvic floor-lifting or “Kegel” exercises so much more effective as they give you something to “lift”.  Older women suffering from vaginal dryness and the associated issues such as uncomfortable or unsatisfying sex; vaginal atrophy, irritations or infections; or abdominal pain that can occur as a result of this, often experience huge relief simply by introducing a yoni egg practice into their daily lives.

Emotional & Spiritual Benefits

Chakras and the functions they relate to

Chakras and the functions they relate to

Healthy, awakened sexual energy leads to many positive benefits. Sexual energy is creative energy and a healthy sexual system leads to an energetic, inspired and passionate life.  New ideas flow to us and we have the energy and passion to follow them.  As life-force energy is activated in the root and sacral chakras (chakras are the body’s energy centres) it can be harnessed and drawn up/directed through all the other chakras, thereby balancing and enhancing all areas of our lives.  Unblocking the energy of the root chakra also means that nervous, unfocussed energy is grounded and dissipates and we feel calmer, happier and more comfortable in our bodies.

With the sacral chakra, a lot of stress and tension gets stored in the vaginal area blocking this chakra from functioning properly and stifling passion and creativity as a result.  It is therefore vital to unlock this area and free this tension first before life-force energy can be harnessed in order to benefit the rest of our being.  And using a yoni egg regularly, in conjunction with some specific energy-flowing exercises, will enable you to do just that 🙂

Many Benefits, Soon Achieved!

And the best news of all is that, with a committed daily practice, it doesn’t take long to start experiencing these many and varied benefits.  Many women notice beneficial changes after just a few weeks.

A Profound Journey

You will soon find that using a yoni egg goes far beyond toning the pelvic floor muscles or stimulating the vaginal muscles and is in fact a profound journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-love.  It doesn’t work wonders for you – but it does enable you to work wonders on yourself 🙂