So…. Who am I and why do I believe in Jade Eggs?

Hi, I’m Juliet and it is my great pleasure to welcome you to my site, Yoni Eggs 

I was first introduced to Jade Eggs via the work of Kim Anami – a holistic sex and relationship coach – and definitely one of my favourite jade egg teachers.  (For those of you not familiar with Kim, the powerful work she is doing is well worth checking out).

Ancient Wisdom

Kim does a rather good sales job on Jade Eggs – and I was certainly keen to find out more!  I started to do a lot of research and in doing so I came across the work of Saida Desilets, who has worked with Jade Eggs for the past 20 years.  I was amazed and awed at the information I then discovered via Saida’s work on the depth and power of the Jade Egg practice.  My interest was piqued even more when I discovered that it was actually an ancient Chinese Taoist practice and I started to explore the work of Mantak Chia.

I have a huge interest in Chinese Tonic Herbalism – a 5000 year-old Taoist system of natural medicine – and, with my husband, actually produce a small range of wild-harvested medicinal mushroom tinctures and teas based on this system’s principles.  As I have enormous respect for the Taoist understanding of the human body and holistic health in general, the fact that Jade Eggs came from this same health system definitely made me feel that this practice was worth trying out for myself.

Since these first introductions to jade eggs by Kim & Saida, I have since discovered 2 more great jade egg teachers – Layla Martin and Tara O.  Both of them teach their work in a gentle, humble and yet light-hearted way and I would highly recommend both of them as starting points for further jade egg exploration.   Be sure to check out their You Tube channels as well as their websites.

Jade Eggs arrive in South Africa!

So… to continue my journey.. I then started looking for Jade Eggs for sale in South Africa, where I live…  But so far, although very popular in Europe, the US and Australia, there was nothing available here.  So I decided to do something about that!

Fast forward a few months and my first order of Jade Eggs later…  and I spent a large amount of that time reading and researching everything I could find on Jade Eggs – as well as using them on a near-daily basis.  And although even now I still consider myself to be very much at the beginning of my Jade Egg journey, the results for me so far have still been tangible and far-reaching.

Obviously increasing the depth and pleasure of sexual experience is a matter of importance and delight – and, if following the tantric path to its ultimate conclusion, can be a doorway to full spiritual realisation as well.  And a regular Jade Egg practice can certainly assist in this.  At its core, however, what the Jade Egg helps bring about – and what I have clearly experienced personally – is opening up a way to really come home to myself – to heal the disconnect between my psyche and my sexuality – something that is so essential for all of us.  And the dialogue and connection that this home-coming creates between women is so amazing – it opens up discussion about sexuality on a level that I have never experienced before and reveals to us that we are never on our own in the challenges that we experience in relation to this subject.  Not easy waters to navigate – because most of us have kept our fears/doubts/issues hidden as society has programmed us to do – and in doing so have created false stories about them regarding what they say about us and our place in the world.  So getting these stories out in the open so they can be seen for the falsehoods they are (and thus released) is vital – and what I have discovered is that most women can relate – and all will certainly be incredibly empathetic even if their own stories are very different – to whatever it is we are dealing with – and that is something that I have really come to treasure.

I believe that this emotional healing is what actually brings about all of the physical benefits (although there are physical processes that are unlocked in the body too, healing is ultimately an emotional journey).  I’m really enjoying exploring the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of my Jade Egg practice and understanding how all of these integrate with one another.  Physically – I’ve done Kegel exercises for years – and can definitely feel how a Jade Egg greatly enhances these – and how it can bring about suppleness and dexterity, which is equally as important as tone – and how it also increases sensitivity and unlocks orgasmic potential.  Loving it!   I’m also identifying and removing limiting blocks and beliefs that no longer serve me – I just did an amazing 2-day workshop with Shakti Malan exploring my relationship to my sexuality and learning how to connect more deeply with the Divine Feminine.  Overall, quite some process I must say – and one that I am having a lot of fun with, although it is painfully challenging at times too! 🙂

So, whilst I’m still no expert, and whilst it is definitely not always easy, I am loving the journey that I have embarked upon here and I really look forward to you joining me on your own journey home 

What is Sensuality?

As always, the journey itself is where things are truly interesting – a deeper exploration of my own sensuality and what that really means…. and what it means for human beings in general…

The dictionary definition of “sensuality” is

  1. the enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical, especially sexual, pleasure.  eg “he ate the grapes with surprising sensuality”
  2. the condition of being pleasing or fulfilling to the senses.  eg “life can dazzle with its sensuality, its colour”

So yes, exploring our own sensuality is most definitely to do with the enjoyment of sexual pleasure, but is also to do with the enjoyment of the physical world in general as experienced through all our senses.

Conscious Hedonism

For a long time now I have always had the idea that the conscious awareness and enjoyment of things that bring us pleasure is a lofty pursuit…  In other words, “conscious hedonism” or “conscious pursuit and appreciation of pleasure as the highest good and proper aim of human life ” is something that I personally consider to be a spiritual pastime…

Allow me to explain further!

First of all, a definition of  “conscious” or “ethical” hedonism – this is the idea that all people have the right to do everything in their power to achieve the greatest amount of pleasure possible to them, assuming that their actions do not infringe on the equal rights of others.

And secondly an explanation of where the word “hedonism” comes from.  Hedonism comes from the word “Hedone”, who was, according to Greek mythology, the Goddess of Pleasure.  Hedone was the child of Eros (the God of Love and Erotic Beauty) and Psyche (the Goddess of the Human Soul).  Back in those days, the Ancient Greeks revered acts of pleasure as “offerings to the Gods” and, as such, did all they could to offer up as many “acts of pleasure” every single day!

Celebration of Physicality

I believe we have come into these physical bodies in order to enjoy and celebrate physicality…  in other words, it makes no sense to me that we would choose to send any part of ourselves into this physical world from the non-physical world in order to just try to deny it or escape from it again as though being physical is some sort of unfortunate “mistake”.

And, if we have chosen to be in physical form in order to experience physicality, the peak of this physical experience, in my opinion, can only be the experience of physical pleasure – in all its forms.  When we talk of “pleasure”, generally the first thing that comes to people’s minds is sexual pleasure – but, although this is a vital aspect of being physical, it’s by no means the only form of pleasure we have the capacity to experience here in our physical bodies.

When we truly open up to pleasure in all its forms there is no need for intense stimulation of any kind – we can literally be “turned on” by the softest touch or the feeling of the breeze on our skin, or watching a beautiful sunset or the smell of a delicious meal.  When we start to see and experience the world like this, the word “turn-on” starts to take on a much broader, deeper meaning.  We become “turned on” or “inspired” by life and can then start experiencing pleasure in this physical realm in all its guises – and as a result, become healthier overall – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Being “turned on” is simply our bodies’ way of saying to us “Yes!  Move towards that!”

It is also worth noting that all physical beings are actually hard-wired for pleasure.  By this I mean that we instinctively move away from that which causes us to feel pain and towards that which causes us to feel pleasure.  Our bodies are designed to thrive in pleasure – and as such pleasure is our natural birthright.

So what does all of this have to do with Jade Eggs?

Opening up to pleasure in all its forms is, in my opinion, the key and aim of a successful Jade Egg practice – as doing so is how it brings about the benefits it does on all levels. When we learn to open ourselves up again like this we come back home into our bodies and begin to heal the rift between our feminine psyche and our bodies – a rift caused by the “shutting down” of our sensuality.  We start to really come alive and start to overcome the domestication that we were taught from a very early age.  A natural “re-wilding” of ourselves begins…

Using a Jade Egg awakens our sensitivity on all levels – and the more we become aware of that and simply take notice of pleasurable physical sensations or “turn-ons” in the body, the more we train ourselves to even greater sensitivity and awareness of the innate sensual beings that we are – and thus become healthier overall as a result of natural balance being restored.

Why do we shut down our sensuality?

Social conditioning or domestication is a form of control that teaches us to shut down our natural instinctive nature – under the guise of “good manners” or accepted “norms”.  But, if left to our own devices, we would move through life navigating only towards that which makes us feel good, opening up and blossoming in the process rather than contracting and shutting down.

Life experience can also cause us to “shut down” our sensual nature…  as a perceived form of protection – but doing so actually puts our focus firmly on that which we have chosen to “shut down” against – rather than focussing on opening up to its opposite.  It also shuts us down to life in general – the “good” and the “bad” – making it totally impossible for us to enjoy life to the full.  By understanding and accepting that our negative feelings towards an event/situation have served us well in the past, when we didn’t know any better, we can then make the wise decision not to stay there a second longer.  There are far more constructive and enjoyable responses we can choose now instead. By rewriting our story around something “negative” it can transmute into something “positive” – as it frees us from the heaviness or victim mentality of the experience and opens us up to that which brings us joy instead.

Jade Eggs have the capacity to help us re-pattern our response to life and the cellular memory stored in the root/sacral areas of our bodies.  We can learn how to replace unhappiness, fear and shame with joy, love and pleasure and, in doing so, get the highest experience possible out of our physical existence.

Revering Pleasure

When we live in this open, pleasure-seeking way we allow the uninterrupted flow of well-being to come to us – and this brings about inspired creativity,  self-worthiness, abundance and access to our inner “genius” or guidance.  Pleasure seen from this light thus becomes a guideline for living – taking it out of the sole realm of sexuality and creating far more of a reverence for it, rather than just regarding it as a frivolous pursuit.

This physical life offers us an incredibly delicious experience – if we are open enough to receive it.  A Jade Egg practice will certainly help with this opening process and put you in touch with such deliciousness whilst you are here in physical form –  and so I wish you limitless fun, love and pleasure along the way!

♥ ♥ ♥ 


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