So.. Who am I and why did I start my business, Yoni Eggs?

Hi, I’m Juliet and it is my great pleasure to welcome you to my site, Yoni Eggs 

I was first introduced to jade/yoni eggs after having embarked on a personal journey to explore the wounds and misunderstanding around my own sexuality – and the lack of acceptance I felt towards this part of myself as a result of those.  In addition to this, I was also intrigued by the general confusion that clearly exists around sexuality in the world at large and why it was always such a taboo subject, with very few people able to address it in any kind of meaningful way.  And somewhere, deep down, I realised that this was a massive subject, with so much to explore – and that I really wanted to dive in and discover as much as possible.

Ancient Wisdom

What I particularly loved about yoni eggs was that they seemed like such a beautifully private and personal way to explore my sexuality – a way that didn’t involve or require anyone else (and the complications that can come with that!)– something I still believe is one of the practice’s most awesome aspects.  After all, healing our relationship to our own self/sexuality is all that is actually essential – whether or not we then decide to share that with another is always optional (albeit with plenty of unique growth, potential and delight of its own).  I started to do a lot of research and began to follow some very experienced yoni egg teachers – all quite different, but each with their own distinctive wisdom (you can find links to these teachers here).  I was amazed and awed at the information I discovered on the depth and power of this practice.  My interest was piqued even more when I discovered that it was actually an ancient Chinese Taoist practice and I started to explore the work of Mantak Chia, a Taoist Grandmaster, based in Thailand.

I have a huge interest in Chinese Tonic Herbalism – a 5000 year-old Taoist system of natural medicine – and, with my husband, actually produce a small range of wild-harvested medicinal mushroom tinctures and teas based on this system’s principles.  And as I have enormous respect for the Taoist understanding of the human body and holistic health in general, the fact that yoni/jade eggs came from this same health system definitely made me feel that this practice was worth trying out for myself.

Yoni Eggs arrive in South Africa!

I then started looking for yoni eggs for sale in South Africa, where I live…  But, at that time, although very popular in Europe, the US and Australia, there was nothing available here.  So I decided to do something about that!

Fast forward a few months and my first order of yoni eggs later…  and I spent a large amount of that time reading and researching everything I could find on yoni eggs – as well as using them on a near-daily basis.  I also embarked upon training programmes with several top yoni egg teachers.  And the results for me so far have been tangible and far-reaching.

At its core, what a regular yoni egg practice (and, indeed, any conscious sexuality practice) helps bring about – and what I have certainly experienced personally – is opening up a way to really come home to myself.  In other words, accepting all of me – without rejecting any part of myself – and to heal the disconnect between my psyche and my sexuality – something that is so essential for all of us (and yet still far too rare).  To help us to make friends with – and fall in love with – our own bodies and sexuality.  To live a sex- and body-positive life.  To accept ALL of ourselves and to be here in our totality – being 100% comfortable in our own skin and living the fullest expression of ourselves possible – self-actualisation – as a result of that acceptance.  Those are the goals that drive and inspire both my own personal practice and ongoing exploration as well as the work that I do.

And the dialogue and connection that this shared journey of sexual reconnection creates between women is so amazing – it opens up discussion about sexuality on a level that I have never experienced before and reveals to us that we are never on our own in the challenges that we experience in relation to this subject.  Not easy waters to navigate – because most of us have kept our fears/doubts/issues hidden as society has programmed us to do – and, in doing so, have created false stories about them regarding what they say about us and our place in the world.  So getting these false stories out in the open so they can be seen for the falsehoods they are (and thus released) is vital – and what I have discovered is that most women can relate – and all will certainly be incredibly empathetic even if their own stories are very different – to whatever it is we are dealing with.  And that is something that I have really come to treasure.

I believe that this emotional healing is what actually brings about all of the physical benefits (although there are physical processes that are unlocked in the body too, healing is ultimately an emotional journey).  I’m really enjoying exploring the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of my yoni egg practice and understanding how all of these integrate with one another.  Physically – I’ve done Kegel exercises for years – and can definitely feel how a yoni egg greatly enhances these.  Toning our pelvic floor is vital as we get older – with approximately 50% of women suffering from pelvic organ prolapse and stress incontinence – far too many!  And a regular yoni egg practice has helped many women overcome these things too (even if no scientific studies have been funded to prove this yet, as so many sceptics are so quick to point out – let women speak for themselves).  I am also very aware of how my consistent focus, increased circulation to the yoni/pelvic area and commitment to getting to know my own body better increases sensitivity and unlocks orgasmic potential.  This same focus is allowing me to identify and remove limiting blocks and beliefs around my sexuality that I took on so many years ago – and that certainly no longer serve me.

All of these benefits increase confidence and self-belief as well as bringing increased sexual vitality.  For me it’s been quite some process I must say – and one that I am having a lot of fun with, although it can be extremely challenging at times too… this is deep stuff!

So, whilst it is definitely not always easy, I am loving the journey that I have embarked upon here and I really look forward to you joining me on your own journey home 

Enter Yoni Wands and Yoni Steaming!

As I say, any conscious sexuality practice will bring about healing the rift between body and spirit (and this is an ongoing process- working with our sexual energy is an amazing way to continue to shift our “stuff”) – and so, indeed, yoni wands and yoni steaming bring more of the same, albeit in slightly different ways.

Yoni wands are absolutely amazing for de-armouring – releasing those areas of pain or numbness around the vulva or within the vaginal walls or the cervix that hold the cellular memory of sexual trauma (which comes in many forms – from social conditioning/shaming to toxic relationships to miscarriage to sexual abuse and rape) and cause us to shut down to pleasure and to our creative, life-force energy as a whole.  Yoni wands are also a wonderful self-pleasure or partner-pleasure tool too – and you can read more about them here.

Yoni steaming can be used to address any menstrual/reproductive health issue – it is a phenomenally powerful and effective healing modality – second to none in my opinion.  Yoni steaming also helps us to maintain and increase life-force energy within the entire pelvic area – which in turn contributes significantly to increased sexual vitality and connection.

I have loved getting to know these two practices myself and am now loving bringing them to others too 

Loving Our Breasts – Opening our Hearts

More recently I have been looking into how best to look after our breasts – and hearts (the two are intimately connected) – and launched my first online course, Breast Love 101, at the beginning of 2019 and my deliciously exquisite Breast Love Oil a few months after that.  Once again, showing ourselves more love through breast massage and proper holistic breast and self-care – and then extending that love out to others as we feel to – connects us to life-force/sexual energy and opens our hearts….  As well as keeping our beautiful breasts and hearts happy and healthy on a physical level, these practices keep our entire beings open to the natural flow of goodness that is always coming our way – we just need to allow it in.

Opening to Pleasure

Opening up/surrendering to pleasure in all its forms is, in my opinion, the key and aim of any conscious sexuality practice (eg yoni eggs/yoni wands/yoni steaming/holistic breast care etc)  – as doing so is ultimately how they bring about the benefits they do, on all levels. When we learn to open ourselves up again like this we come back home to our bodies and begin to heal the rift between our psyche and our bodies – a rift caused by the “shutting down” of our sensuality and sexuality.  We start to really come alive and begin to overcome the domestication that we were taught from a very early age.  Our bodies come back into a healthy state of balance and a natural “re-wilding” of ourselves begins…

Using these practices awakens our sensitivity on all levels – and the more we become aware of that and simply take notice of pleasurable physical sensations or “turn-ons” (to life) in the body (this can be anything from the feeling of the breeze touching our skin – to the aroma of a delicious meal – to the touch of a lover), the more we train ourselves to even greater sensitivity, aliveness and awareness of the innate sensual/sexual beings that we are – and thus become healthier overall as a result of our natural wholeness being restored.

Why do we shut down our pleasure?

Social conditioning or domestication is a form of control that teaches us to shut down our natural, instinctive, pleasure-seeking nature – under the guise of “good manners” or accepted “norms”.  But, if left to our own devices, we would move through life navigating only towards that which makes us feel good (ie brings us pleasure), opening up and blossoming in the process rather than contracting and shutting down.  This, to me, is without doubt, the way life is meant to be lived.

The “shutdown” that happens instead – due to various life experiences – causes us to shut down our sensual & sexual natures as a perceived form of protection.  But, the catch is, that doing so actually puts our focus firmly on that which we have chosen to “shut down” against – rather than focussing on opening up to its opposite.  It also shuts us down to life in general – the “good” and the “bad” – making it totally impossible for us to enjoy life to the full.  By understanding and accepting that our negative feelings towards an event/situation have served us well in the past, when we didn’t know any better, we can then make the wise decision not to stay there a second longer.  There are far more constructive and enjoyable responses we can choose now instead. By rewriting our story around something “negative” it can transmute into something “positive” – as it frees us from the heaviness or victim mentality of the experience and opens us up to that which brings us joy instead.

Yoni eggs, yoni wands, yoni steaming and breast self-care all have the capacity to help us re-pattern our response to life and the cellular memory stored in the root/sacral/heart areas of our bodies.  We can learn how to replace unhappiness, fear, shame and shutdown with joy, love, pleasure and openness and, in doing so, get the highest experience possible out of our physical existence.

Revering Pleasure

When we live in this open, pleasure-seeking way we allow the uninterrupted flow of well-being to come to us – and this brings about inspired creativity, self-worthiness, abundance and access to our inner “genius” or guidance – the key to self-actualisation.  Pleasure seen from this light thus becomes a guideline for living – taking it out of the sole realm of sexuality and creating far more of a reverence for it, rather than just regarding it as a “frivolous” pursuit, as society tends to do.

This physical life offers us an incredibly delicious experience – if we are open enough to receive it.  All of the conscious sexuality practices that I promote on this site can certainly help with this opening process – and help to put you in touch with such deliciousness whilst you are here in physical form.  And so, I wish you limitless fun, love and pleasure along the way…  Enjoy!

♥ ♥ ♥ 


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