Introducing Montana

Montana joined me in Yoni Eggs/Yoni Vitality around the beginning of 2019.  Since that time she has been instrumental in managing our social media accounts (Instagram & Facebook) – sharing news, information and inspiration from us both (as well as saving me a lot of tech headaches along the way too!)

She is now starting to write/co-write some blog posts too – increasing the ability to share the message of Yoni Eggs & Yoni Vitality more widely and deeply.  Something that can be very hard for me to find the time for on my own whilst also running the online teaching, consultation, product and admin aspects of the business too.

And I think we make a great team!  We share a lot of the same values and outlook on life, as well as both having a passion for exploring women’s sexuality – our sexual health, pleasure and happiness.  And being significantly different in age is a real benefit to us both, I feel – as we each bring different qualities to the table, with Montana’s fresh perspective on the content we cover adding real depth to my understanding of the subjects we discuss.  Overall I am just so grateful and appreciative of this co-learning, co-creative experience we share!

So welcome Montana!  It is so good to have you here!