On Yoni Eggs…

More than just an egg

I had a massive car accident at the age of 18 (30 years ago), where my pelvis was broken in 8 places. Plus a whole lot of other injuries. This has over the years affected my spine, with the vertebra associated to the bladder being compromised, thus battle with stress incontinence often, getting worse with age. I cannot afford to be wetting myself whilst treating clients, so chose to give the Yoni egg a go. I bought my first one from Faithful to Nature a week or so ago. Having used the medium egg for this time, I have already noticed the difference on so many levels.  (HS)

Surpassed my wildest dreams!

All I can say is, Wow wow wow, what an amazing experience.  So recommending this product to all my female friends.  (Petra)


My yoni egg is making me feel so empowered. I love using it during “me” time in a beautiful and ceremonial way. So important to cherish our bodies and give it the love and attention it needs. Very much recommend this product. Also, had a few questions in regards to it and so I contacted Juliet directly, and she was super helpful and kind so I’m glad I purchased this brand. Beautiful quality, beautiful product.  (Star flight)

Awesome product

I am IN LOVE with my new Red Jasper yoni egg.  I am on my 2nd week of using it and I am already seeing such a transformation in my whole boy in terms of my energy levels.  It’s Good Vibes Only.  (Abigail)

Connecting with yourself

Enjoying building this connection with myself using this product.  Believe this is a powerful force which all women should try and tap into.  (Deirdre)

Brilliant product

As a Pilates instructor I frequently come across clients struggling with bladder incontinence.  I recommend yoni eggs to them and those who have bought and used them (together with doing Pilates) have had excellent result, even avoiding surgery!  The added benefit of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles is a reduction in lower back pain too.  (Pilates professional)

Get your yoni eggs

This is truly an amazing product.  It helped me to increase sensitivity and to create a deeper connection with my yoni.  My natural lubrication has gone up and period pains down.  I recommend yoni eggs to all my sisters and friends.  I am even starting to collect them in different stones.  (Zee)

Life Changing

After having children I was sterilised.  I was sadly not warned about the after-effects it can have.  My doctor was monitoring me for a hysterectomy as my menstrual cycle had become so painful.  After 1 month of using the yoni eggs, my first menstrual cycle, I didn’t have to take any form of pain killers!  First time in 2 years!  Thank you xxx  (CJ)

Love My Yoni

Great product with great results! The Jade Yoni Eggs were a great choice in terms of type of stone, the fact that there are the 3 different sizes and all the other benefits derived from “regular “ use. Ladies, love your Yoni, with your Yoni Eggs!  (Bianca)

Inner Intuition

Black obsidian is a simply fantastic stone for releasing past sexual trauma and acts as a powerful psychic defence stone. It’s drilled and a really good size (medium) to start with as a beginner.  (Courtney)

My New Best Friend!

Definitely recommend this product – enhances confidence and builds strength, really enjoying my practice.  (Nichole)

First week but I can feel the difference

Amazing experience.   (Posh)

Worth the buy

It’s a multi-faceted product, which women should invest in.  (Chix2)

Awesome jade

Great product which I think should be every female’s companion.  It increases libido and gets rid of menstrual cramps.  Am glad I discovered it!  (Inno)


Different, but a good way to strengthen.  (K)

Powerful secret

Nothing necessarily to talk about but with great impact in various ways and absolutely divine as it is working, by itself simply being there, without an effort, love it!  (Marie)

We enjoy this

Greatly pleasurable.  Worked wonders for our relationship.  Thanks.  (Alistair)

All women should have these!

Have used these only a handful of times (still trying to get into a routine with my yoni eggs!)  Great way to strengthen those hard to get to muscles!  Will be back for another review in a few months when I’ve used them consistently to notice a difference!  (Claire)

Yoni Eggs

Very good product.  Helps a lot with strengthening muscles and is much better than trying to do kegel exercises by themselves.  (Shari)


Loving the yoni egg… Gaining confidence and control of egg daily.  (Shea)

Truly underrated product

A truly underrated product for a even more neglected part of our body. Every woman should take the time for herself.  (Ava)

Makes a good gift

I gave it as a gift to a friend who suffers from vulvodynia. She got back to me with positive reviews saying that the eggs do help to manage her pain level and help with kegel exercises.  (Jah)

Love the sensation

After just using a few times I now find that I will spend the evening with it inside and find that I have really bonded with the egg and love the sensation.  I particularly like it when it comes out and I just hold it in the palm of my hand and it is warm and almost throbbing…   I don’t have a permanent partner but the man that I do make love to on a pretty regular basis has really enjoyed the improvement in my muscle control.  (CS)

On Yoni Steaming Herbs…

Great product

Best vaginal steaming herbs, I feel rejuvenated. (Theo)

Absolutely incredible

Yoni steaming is absolutely incredible.  It gave me newfound energy the following day and really opened up my ability to receive.  (Chryssea)

Worth the buy

I was skeptical.  But it was worth the buy.  I felt calm.  Fresh and rejuvenated.  (Christel)

Excellent product

Very relaxing.  It’s a great way to calm your vaginal muscles and reduce stress.  (Khosi) 

Super product

This product is so wow…. increases libido as well.  (Lerato)