Upon starting their Yoni Egg practice, most women tend to have a lot of questions.  I’ve done my best to answer as many as possible here – but if you don’t find what you’re looking for please feel free to email me.

Can the egg get stuck or “lost” inside me?

Definitely not.  First of all, that is why you attach dental floss through the hole drilled through the top of the egg – so that you can retrieve the egg whenever you wish simply by pulling on the floss.  As time goes on you may well find that you don’t actually need to do this as you will get used to being able to expel the egg at will.

Secondly, the egg cannot possibly pass through your cervix and get lost.  Even when women have had a hysterectomy and had their cervix removed, the doctors sew up this end of the vagina so that nothing can pass through.  All you need to do to bring the egg out of the vagina is to assume a squatting position and bear down as if you are about to do a bowel movement. Relax and breathe out deeply.  This will bring the egg out very easily.   Coughing or laughing can also help here!  As can jogging or jumping up and down on a trampoline.

Do I have to use dental floss to thread my egg with?

No, you can also use silk thread or hemp twine – just make sure both of them are in their natural state – unbleached and undyed.

What size egg is best to start with?

A lot of women start with the largest egg (especially women who have had children), then work their way down to the medium and small eggs once they have built up more muscle tone.  But different women also just prefer different sizes – which is why a set of 3 is sold on this site, to give women that choice.  Starting with a larger egg is recommended if you want to feel the egg inside you right from the start/asap – or if you just want to work with more resistance.  Or if you simply enjoy watching your progress as your muscles gain more tone.  The Taoists (the originators of the jade egg practice) also traditionally used 3 different sizes of eggs.

Many women, however, also gain just as much benefit from just using one size of egg – mainly the medium one – and so these are also for sale separately on this site.  It really is a matter of personal choice – I honestly believe there is no right or wrong here – so just use your intuition and go with what feels right for you.

Which stone to choose?

Different stones emit different healing vibrations – and whilst all stones will bring about the overall benefits of a Yoni Egg practice, some women like to fine-tune this process further by the choice of stone their egg is made out of.

You can read more about the stones available on this site here.

I’m worried about the porosity of the stone and if it will harbour bacteria.  Need I be?

Jade and other crystals used for a yoni egg practice are hard, polished, smooth stones.  They are cleansed before and after use (using hot – but not boiling – water and essential oils) and are generally only worn for short periods of time – e.g. 10-15 minutes.  There are far more porous and potentially bacteria-laden things out there that go into your vagina – such as penises, hands and sex toys.  Your partner/s don’t sterilise don’t their penis/fingers before entering you – so there is no need to be concerned about a properly-cleansed yoni egg entering your vagina either!

Your vagina is a powerful, self-cleansing apparatus. While you obviously don’t want to over-challenge it, any miniscule amount of bacteria it does encounter from such objects is negligible.

In the words of Kim Anami – “Your vagina figures it out. It’s one smart cookie”.

How long should I leave the egg in for?

Again, this is a personal choice – and you may find that the egg falls out on its own accord anyway – which I always take as a sign that my body has had enough for one day.  You could easily leave it in for up to 3 hours, but I have discovered that doing a focussed 10-15 minute practice is actually far more effective than just going about your day forgetting that you are wearing your egg – in which case it will be of limited benefit.   You don’t want to over-exercise or strain your muscles either, which you could do if you are actually concentrating on clenching your muscles to keep your egg in – remember that the emphasis is just as much on softening and opening your pelvic floor as it is on strengthening and toning it.

I’m struggling to hold the egg in at all.  What do I do now?

The best thing to do in this situation is to start by doing exercises that are performed lying down so you can start building up muscle strength before introducing gravity to the equation!  Then start doing the sitting and kneeling exercises before moving on to those performed standing up – and slowly but surely you will find that the egg stays in longer.  You can also gently squeeze and release (don’t forget the release!) your vaginal muscles when the egg isn’t in – as this will also build up a certain amount of strength on its own.

Can I use the Yoni Egg when I’m menstruating?

This again is a matter of personal choice.  To me, it doesn’t feel right to do so – it feels counter-productive as it blocks the flow.  But if you feel differently, then the only thing I would say is that I wouldn’t leave it in for very long whilst menstruating as you really don’t want to block the flow of blood.  But for 5-10 minutes at a time – enough time to do at least the basic exercises with it – it should be fine.

Can I use the Yoni Egg if I’m pregnant?

It is advised against starting a Yoni Egg practice once you are already pregnant – ideally you need to start using one at least 6 months prior to conception.  A lot of teachers recommend stopping the practice if you do fall pregnant, however.

I personally feel it is a great thing to get in place beforehand as it really connects you to this area of your body – at a time when you can use it the most – and that alone can lead to a far easier birth.  It also strengthens the muscles to both support your baby and to train them to give birth.  But as for continuing throughout your pregnancy, I would STILL rather err on the side of caution and say give it a break until after your baby is born.

After you’ve given birth you need to wait about 6 weeks before using a yoni egg.  Or until any tissue trauma is healed.  But once it feels comfortable and right to do so this will help enormously in bringing tone back to the vagina and pelvic floor.

I’ve had all of my children via C-section – is the Yoni Egg still of use to me?

Most definitely.  For a start your pelvic floor muscles have still had to support the growing baby in your womb for 9 months and, as such, have certainly been put under strain, even if your vagina hasn’t been stretched in the same way as it is when women give birth naturally.

Then there are the myriad of other benefits that apply to women across the board, most especially the reconnection to your pelvic area (and the healing that that brings), which has, after all, gone through quite a trauma with the C-section.

I’ve had a hysterectomy – can using a Yoni Egg still benefit me?

Absolutely.  In fact, it is highly recommended that you do – as you want to keep the muscles in your pelvic region as toned as possible in order to prevent prolapse of other organs in this area – which you can be more prone to due to the space left in your body following your hysterectomy.

Can I use the Yoni Egg with an IUD?

Yes, but exercise caution and close awareness.  It is highly unlikely to do any damage or dislodge the IUD – after all, you have it in when you are having sex, so a small yoni egg gently moving up and down shouldn’t be an issue!  But if you do experience any cramping, stop the practice, rub your lower belly and relax.  If this happens I would suggest stopping for now and coming back to the practice another time and to start with only very gentle movements until you feel more confident and no discomfort.

Should I be able to feel my Yoni Egg?

It’s hard to feel your egg once it’s inside you – so don’t worry if you don’t feel anything, it’s quite normal.

Why is a Yoni Egg better than Kegels?

Whilst Kegel exercises have some benefit, their effectiveness is still limited as there is no “resistance” in order to build up proper tone.  A Yoni Egg creates that resistance.  Kegels also concentrate just on tightening the muscles – and muscles that are just trained to be “tight” rather than soft and open can actually shut down sensation, thereby inhibiting the ability to experience pleasure and orgasm.

Can’t I just use Kegel Balls or any of the other plastic pelvic floor strengthening devices available?

These will work but they are also made of silicon or plastic – and personally I much prefer a natural material inside my body.  Semi-precious stones also have many healing benefits (see here) that you don’t get with a synthetic material.

What’s the difference between Ben Wa Balls and a Yoni Egg?

Ben Wa Balls are a sex toy and are used to get turned on.  Whilst a yoni egg can be used to get turned on as well, they also work more holistically than that and have the ability to help heal sexually-related issues on many different levels.

I’m a belly-dancer.  How does a Yoni Egg practice integrate with belly-dance?

Extremely well!  After the Yoni Egg practice, belly-dancing is the next best practice for pelvic health and awakening our sensuality.  So the two combined are an extremely powerful combination.  And belly-dancing with your Yoni Egg (once you’ve had a bit of practice) is highly recommended!  I’ve seen total belly dance beginners (myself included) instantly “get” moves that would normally take a lot of practice to perfect simply because wearing the egg connects them back to their pelvic area – amazing!

Hoop-dancing or “hooping” also goes magnificently well with a Yoni Egg practice!

I’m a yogi!  Does this practice go well with yoga?

The Yoni Egg practice goes amazingly well with either yoga or meditation as the life-force energy activated in the root and sacral chakras by the use of the Yoni Egg can then be directed up through the other chakras, thereby balancing and transforming all aspects of our life, including our spiritual expansion.

Obviously the eggs are very easy to use in a restorative or yin yoga class as the gentle movements will still strengthen the vaginal muscles without causing any strain.  But they can also be used in dynamic yoga practices as well – and are particularly useful for training Mula Bandha.  Mula Bandha is the Sanskrit term for a yogic energy lock or seal, applied to the lower pelvis by contracting the muscles of the perineum. It is one of three Bandhas, which prevents vital life force from leaking out during intense yogic practice and facilitating its movement up the spinal column to the crown of the head.

Is there an upper or lower age limit for using a Yoni Egg?   

Any age from puberty is a good time for women to start using a Yoni Egg – and there is no upper age limit.  Any woman of any age – young or old – can choose to have radiant pelvic health, together with a more profound relationship with their body, their sexuality and their sensuality.  Making such a choice will always help us to start loving ourselves more, enjoying our lives more and feeling more confident and beautiful as a woman – and that can only ever be a positive thing.

For young women who have started menstruating but are still virgins, practicing with the Yoni Egg gives them the chance to get familiar with themselves in such a way that they feel more confident and at home with their bodies and their sexuality.  By starting slow and building a relationship with her body, a young woman can actually form positive, pleasure-full neural pathways that will help them make healthy choices when it comes to intimate relationship and enhance their sensual and sexual experiences for years to come.

How do I clean my egg?

 Before you use it for the first time, soak it for about 12 hours in hot (but not boiling – max 60 degrees C) water with a few drops of tea tree oil and a little Himalayan, Oryx or good sea salt added.  This is recommended before each subsequent use as well – but you could also just rinse it in hot water alone.

Once a month, leaving your egg to soak in a salt bath will clear any negative energies it may have absorbed.  You can also put it out under the full moon – this is a very effective way of cleansing and re-charging any other crystals/semi-precious stones you may use/wear.

How do I stop my Yoni Egg coming out if I go to the toilet?

Most importantly, don’t try to hold onto the egg whilst having a pee as you will confuse your body if you do so.  It’s best to pee before you put your egg in and then after your jade egg practice, once you have removed your egg again.  This is where having a string on your egg is handy – you can remove it whenever you need to.  And if it does fall into the toilet at any stage, just scoop it out and disinfect it in hot water and tea tree oil before using again.

Will the Yoni Egg solve all of my sexual and emotional problems?

Not without your help!  The Yoni Egg isn’t a miracle answer to all of your sexual or emotional problems.  What it IS is a potent tool of transformation – one that still requires you to show up and do the work, but, with regular practice, will give you lasting results and help you create a lifetime of pelvic health, pleasure and sensual well-being.

The empowering part is that you are the one guiding and setting the pace for these transformations, not the Yoni Egg .  It is simply a tool to help you do this and it is up to you to develop a deep, regular practice in order for such progress to  be made and to act on and integrate the insights revealed to you therein.

Enjoy the journey!


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