5 Reasons I Love My Yoni Wand!

I consider a yoni wand to be an absolute essential for any woman wishing to awaken or develop her sexuality.  Not only are they the best way to de-armour the cervix and vagina – releasing old stagnant or toxic emotions and increasing sensitivity and pleasure – they are also so much fun to use to explore that pleasure – either on our own or with a partner.

So, I thought I’d share my 5 favourite things about using a yoni wand….

  • They are made of crystal. All of the crystals I choose for my wands are safe to use internally, as well as having powerful metaphysical properties for us to use to our benefit should we so wish to.  Crystals can be programmed to release old patterns, beliefs and the stuck emotions around these things AND can also be asked to imbue their own healing properties – eg gentle, loving compassion and understanding; optimism and joy; or energetic protection.
  • Yoni wands are the easiest way to access and release points of tension, pain or numbness inside the vagina. They reach the cervix easily and allow us to apply sufficient pressure for long enough in order to release or “de-armour” these tense areas.  Small yoni wands can also be used to help release the tension present in someone experiencing vaginismus – and help to bring relaxation and relief.  The increase in sensitivity and lubrication that this can bring is so worth working through this process – as many times as you feel is needed, or even as part of a regular sexual self-care routine, to keep us tension-free.
  • Using a yoni wand is the best way to work out what your vagina enjoys… what stroke, what pressure and where.  Without knowing what our own bodies enjoy, it’s impossible for us to tell our partners.  I think one very positive idea would be to encourage our teenage daughters/girls in our lives, to, firstly explore with their fingers (which usually happens naturally anyway), and then, if they are open to it and would like one, to give them a small yoni wand to experiment with before they have sex for the first time.  In that way, they can work out for themselves what feels good – and what doesn’t.
  • Deeper vaginal orgasms! Without a doubt this is one massive benefit of using a yoni wand – as it gives us so many more options in terms of positions and pressure than just a finger or penis do.  We can really reach the cervix so much easier and for longer – and certain yoni wands are perfectly shaped for reaching the G-spot easily too.  And the deeper the orgasm, the stronger the connection to yourself, your partner (if you have one) and life in general.
  • Spicing up your partner play! Adds another delicious course to gourmet sex dates 🙂

I have just received my latest order of yoni wands – so hop on over to the shop now and take your sexual healing and exploration to the next level. 

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    • Hi Maria, so sorry – only just realised now that I still haven’t answered this! So wand play – whether with yourself or with another – really is about experimentation. Different things work for different people. Obviously having your partner stimulate you vaginally with your wand and then giving them feedback on what feels good is a good place to start… Partners can also help with the de-armouring process too – just make sure that communication is very clear and talked through beforehand so that they know when to keep applying pressure, when to stop and when/where to move on. And if you enjoy anal stimulation, you can also experiment with double penetration – with the wand in your vagina, whilst being penetrated anally by your partner’s penis (improvising accordingly if you are in a same sex relationship) – can bring about some interesting and different experiences of pleasure and orgasm. Really though – whatever feels the most fun and pleasurable to you – you can also have your partner use the wand to stroke and massage other parts of your body – it doesn’t have to be about penetration to feel good. Hope this helps – have fun! xx

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