At The Heart Of Breast Massage

At the heart of breast massage, the expressions of love, pleasure and sensation play with wild abandon. 

Our breasts are a portal for transformation, as love is at the core of every empowering shift we experience.  When we attune to our hearts and pleasure through the simple yet profound act of breast massage, we open ourselves up to explore our erotic and sensual power. 

Our breasts hold the space for both the kidney meridian and the vagus nerve, both of which enhance the connection between our breasts and pleasure.  The kidney meridian, with regular stimulation, keeps our sexual juices flowing. 

The vagus nerve, when toned, is known for its ability to soothe and encourage surrender. As one of its branches ends in the cervix, this wandering nerve is credited not only with deeply pleasurable cervical stimulation, but also leading us to experience transcendental orgasms. 

Everything is at our fingertips, literally. When we commit to practicing pleasure, we can encounter experiences such as breast-gasms and nipple-gasms – yes, they really are a thing!  As you explore, be sure to experiment with your own strokes and touches – and find the ones that bring you the most pleasure.

And if you are in a relationship, experiment with having your partner just focus on your breasts for an hour – as a main part of your lovemaking rather than the (all too-common!) all-too-brief stop on the way to the vagina!   This really uplevels the eroticism and connection of a sexual experience exponentially.

Breast massage can be done every morning in the shower, or at home in the evening or before bed. If you still wear a bra, I would highly recommend massaging your breasts as soon as you take it off (preferably as soon as you get home) – great time for a breast massage! 

Breast massage is always better done on naked skin, although it can be done clothed occasionally if really pushed for time.  Pour some good organic coconut oil or custom-made breast massage oil into your hands and warm it up first before massaging. 

Our breasts are known as the outer manifestation of our hearts.  Involving the heart in pleasure experiences is vital for overall vitality. With this in mind, it’s understandable that regular breast love and care really helps us open to increased pleasure, sensation and connection.

In my Yoni Vitality Programme, which opens for registration again shortly, you can find a guided breast massage meditation paired with binaural beats to support your breast love journey. 

Below are two breast massage techniques to increase love, pleasure and vitality. 

Technique #1

Place the forefinger of each hand in the little indent at the base of your throat and then move each finger outwards approximately 4cm. Massage in a straight line down through the breasts from here – this is the kidney meridian and is a great energy pathway to work to increase arousal and lubrication and for overall sexual vitality. This technique is also extremely calming as it unblocks and releases fear, tension and anxiety that are the root cause of a blocked kidney meridian. So, as you massage this meridian be open to releasing any emotions of that nature.

Technique #2 

Now try massaging your breasts in a circular motion – up on the inside and down on the outside. As you do this, breathe in earth energy from beneath your feet, drawing it up through your womb to between your breasts, into your heart centre and then circulating this alchemical mix of earth, womb and heart energies around the top of your breasts and down the outsides again. Visualise pouring your heart energy into your breasts every time your hands pass through your heart centre. This is a releasing as well as a nourishing technique.

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