Routes of Return: Coming Home To Self

When a bird takes flight, she’s freedom in its full expression, wings spread out and primal cries echo into the skies. Whether she seems lost in darkening clouds or gliding through sunshine, her innate nature inspires every cell within her body to set herself free, to take to the skies and soar. 

Our souls honour a similar call within us. Our flight away from the grounded certainty of home gives us the chance to see life, relationships, others and ourselves from a new perspective. We’re given the opportunity to constantly discover more of what we want, through what we don’t want. We discover more of our core values, we realise that some beliefs we hold have no weight in these new perspectives, and set them free. We learn to let go. 

We see ourselves from various angles, through the eyes of acquaintances, new friends and kindred spirits. The seemingly invisible lines of global connection deepen and we realise the truth in, “your vibe attracts your tribe”. We experience the longing for familiarity and certain foundations. We gaze back with rose-tinted glasses, looking for the sense of belonging we once experienced. In those moments, sometimes we remember that every turn in life led us to where we needed to be. That every hardship empowered us with strength and compassion for ourselves and later, to be able to empathise with others in similar situations. Sometimes we remember we’ve never been given more than we can handle, and sometimes, we don’t. The untrodden path appears daunting some days and on others, it beckons us forward with excitement. 

And when we finally do return, life looks a whole lot different to when we first spread our wings. Light casts itself in new patterns, our vision appears to have brightened, we acknowledge the cracks, act on things we once put off for a later date, and realise what we value most in life. The return, no matter if we’ve been away for a year, a couple of weeks, a day or even a few hours, is instrumental in our realisation of coming home. Our moon cycles are the microcosm of this macrocosmic example. In the next article, I’ll delve into some insights I’ve learnt from wondrous teachers and mentors on this topic that have shifted my perspectives. But in the meantime, here are some practical ways to return to self: 

Inner Transformation 

Meditation is, as we know, a tool to inspire inner shifts, and as seen in the measurement of earth resonance during recent worldwide meditations, it is fast becoming a way to increase vibration and activate global transformation. The combination of breath, releasing resistance and practising non-attachment to thought is a profound way to stimulate connection with our soul. We all have our preferences, and meditation is no different, choose a style or guided audio that lights up your soul. 

Nature’s Novelty 

Forest Bathing, swimming in the ocean, earthing yourself with bare feet on grass are all ways to connect to the constant and grounding power of Mother Nature. Her presence and love are unwavering and when we’re experiencing lack, feeling uncertain or in need of connection, Gaia is a route of return. 

Inhale & Exhale 

Breathwork is a powerful way to change our states through awareness of our inhale and exhale. There are many techniques to this simple practice, maybe it’s breathing in, holding, breathing out and holding, all for the same count, or closing off alternative nostrils. Choose which you feel most benefits you and allow the nitric oxide to do its job of relaxing blood vessels and increasing blood flow. 

Read Between The Lines 

Reading is a way to release tension, engage the imagination, download insights, and depending on the genre, settle into an alternate reality. Choose a book you feel drawn to that day, and if it’s one you’ve already read, there may be new insights awaiting you. 

Movement Medicine 

Dance like nobody’s watching, literally. Moving our bodies is an outlet that guides us toward our truth, our innate sense of awareness, and trust in self. When we’re too much in our mind, out of control, restricted, or experiencing an overwhelming sense of joy or sorrow, movement is medicine for the body, mind, and soul. 

Inked Out 

Writing out our fears, expressing our gratitude, listing intentions or inscribing dreams are a few of the many reasons to journal. As our fears are put to paper, they have a way of lessening the momentum of looping cycles within our mind. Purging words and burning the pages can be a liberating ritual. When we note our appreciation and set intentions in ink, their presence on the page has the potential to exceed all limits and the self-imposed restrictions we aren’t always aware of. 

If you have any other practices to add or wish to share your favourite guided meditations, or books that have transformed your perspective, please comment below to share your inspiration with others.

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