Taking Our Power Back

One thing that I notice becoming more and more prevalent nowadays is the idea of making someone else responsible for our own individual circumstances.

This eschewing of responsibility is, of course, nothing new – but there certainly seems to be an upward trend in people becoming – and being encouraged to become – more and more “precious” about perceived wrongs that are “done to them” and less and less accountable for whatever they are attracting to themselves.  It’s getting harder and harder to have an honest, “own-your-own-bullshit” conversation.

But the main problem with going along with this kind of responsibility relinquishment is that as soon as we hand over “blame” for where we find ourselves, to someone else, we also give away all our power and opportunity to change it…  In other words, we completely disempower ourselves.  And, without wanting to get too “conspiracy theorist” about things – it really takes no great leap of logic to work out why governments – and the media that support them – would be jumping on this trend and encouraging preciousness/blaming of others and eschewing of responsbility for whatever we have attracted to ourselves.  As is indeed happening.  A disempowered populace is a whole lot easier to control than an empowered one!

That’s not to say that we’re not attracting some pretty hardcore situations to our lives from which it would seem to be only too easy to pass the buck.  Examples of some very real situations where we could find ourselves wishing to pass blame are in cases of sexual abuse, sexual prejudice, racial prejudice, financial hardship, an unfaithful partner… the list is long…

And whilst I do not for one moment lack compassion for anyone who is on the receiving end of any kind of abuse, oppression or prejudice or for anyone who is simply just struggling to make ends meet each month, I also do not for one moment believe that anyone else is responsible for that other than the person who is having that experience.  With that belief, victims simply do not exist.  AND the wonderful thing about that belief is that we all then have 100% ability to change whatever situation we find ourselves in if we so choose to – or, at the very least, our response to it.

I believe we have all attracted to ourselves whatever situations we may need in order to provide an opportunity so we can grow spiritually – and indeed to create even better lives for ourselves.  If we take the gifts these situations offer to us, we can literally go from surviving to thriving in a very short space of time.  When I look at the times/experiences that have been hardest in my life they have, without doubt, spurred on the most growth and, ultimately, created the most magic.  Not necessarily easy or fun, but – ultimately – so worth it.

Also worth noting is that if there is another person/other people involved in the situation we find ourselves in, it can also be that sometimes you have attracted an experience to yourself that it is far more important for that other person/people to have their side of the experience rather than you…  and you are the one that has agreed to be a player in the game simply because you’re the best person for the job…  You’ve kinda made a soul contract with that other(s).  BUT – the onus is still on you to ask what you can learn/create from having gone through this too…  it’s never a totally one-sided experience, even it was instigated more from the other side.

And without having such contrasting experiences (inevitable in this world) how would we ever choose something better?  We wouldn’t – we would just settle for the status quo.  But when we start to view our situations from that standpoint – as a point from which to create improvement and expansion rather than from a place of victimhood – then the overall picture starts to change rather radically… and a way out starts to present itself…


First and foremost it is taking 100% responsiblity for where we are at.  Owning our own circumstances.  Without exception.  I’m not suggesting that we have to like them.  But we definitely need to take responsibility for them.  Nor does this taking of responsibility let any perpertrator of abuse “off the hook”.  Nor does it mean we shouldn’t run as far as possible in the other direction if necessary.  But their actions are their business, not ours.

Secondly, rather than then turn the blame on ourselves, we need to look and see why we might have attracted this circumstance or event to you?  What can we learn from it?  What can we transmute it into that would feel a whole lot more positive?  People have created the happiest, most successful, most awesome lives ever simply by asking themselves this question and turning some pretty extreme life situations around.  Just Google “Rags to Riches” if you’d like some inspiration….

Thirdly, find something to appreciate in your life – and appreciate it mightily!  Even if it is just the fact that the sun rose this morning and you didn’t have to do a thing to make that happen!  Even on the darkest of days there is always something to appreciate.  Always.  And the more we look for something to appreciate, the more we will attract to ourselves and the more we will find.

Fourth – just remember that positive momentum builds more positive momentum.  Keep at it.  Never give up.


When we blame another we shut down life-force energy – and with it the natural stream of goodness that is always flowing to us, is prevented or restricted in its flow.  Which is the very opposite of the tools and practices I teach here – which are all designed to WAKE UP and increase the flow of life-force/sexual energy instead!

100% self-responsibility.  Embrace it today… even just one degree at a time….  and start to create magic from wherever you may find yourself.  Life will suddenly start to make a lot more sense… and you will start to have a lot more fun and attract a lot more of what you do want into your life too 🙂

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