The Power of Breast Massage

I am a huge fan of breast massage – I practice it on a daily basis and it always leaves me feeling energised and uplifted.  Breast massage is also a super-powerful tool in combating the crazily high levels of breast and heart disease being experienced by women today.

Firstly, daily breast massage helps to ensure that built-up toxins or excess estrogen are moved via the lymph out of the breasts – and thus, 2 of the major environmental factors of breast disease/breast cancer are also removed.  When we sit at our desks all day, or live an otherwise sedentary lifestyle, our risk of breast disease increases dramatically.  This is often experienced as painful or tender breasts – a sure sign that lymph movement is required!

Breast massage has also been shown to balance our hormones and increase oxytocin – which plays a huge part in how much love we give to ourselves and to others.  Regular breast massage can massage away any hardness or shutdown that we have taken on over the years (as a distorted form of protection) and can restore a youthful innocence and freshness to our love again.

Beautiful WomanBreast massage also reconnects us to our bodies again.  So many women have such a negative image of their breasts – either because they attract unwanted, negative sexual attention, or because society tells us our breasts are too large, too small, not the right shape, too droopy, etc… the list goes on!  As a result, many women can barely look at their breasts, let alone touch them in a loving way.  When we touch our breasts, we really connect to our sensuality and to our sexual centre (our yonis) in a deep way – and this also enables us to allow/receive more conscious loving touch from others.  Breast massage is also a great way to get turned on prior to doing a yoni egg practice.

Lastly, there is a direct connection between our breasts and the heart – and when we give our breasts daily, loving attention, it reminds us of how vital it is that we give ourselves – not just others – such nurturing, loving attention.  This is SO important, especially for busy mothers, who so often find themselves giving so much to others and reserving very little for themselves.  It is little wonder that our hearts suffer both emotionally and physically!

So, women… find yourselves some beautiful, organic body oils (check out my own exquisite oil here!) and get loving your beautiful breasts!  Breast massage can be done at any time, anywhere – as you can even massage whilst fully clothed if you just wish to recharge/reconnect even briefly – although massaging your naked breasts is always preferable.

Experiment with different techniques and find out what feels best…  Open palms massaging from the bottom of the breasts, up between them and down the outsides and around again is a great one to start with.  You can also reverse this motion, which increases energy in the breasts and can also grow and firm up breast tissue – although some people don’t recommend doing the exercise in this direction if you are suffering from fibro-cystic breast disease, or any breast condition involving any kind of lumps or growths within the breast.  I’m not really convinced about that – but tap into your intuition on this and massage accordingly!

As you massage your breasts, be mindful of the energy you wish to fill them with – eg increased love, pleasure, connection, sensuality etc.   Also be aware of any unwanted emotions that come up to be released such as sadness, disconnection, anger, etc – using deep breaths to clear these emotions as you massage.  At the end of the massage, gently hold your breasts and lightly bounce them up and down – this creates a safe, nurturing energy field around them whilst at the same time continuing to move the lymph fluid.

I truly believe that regular breast massage is key to reducing the levels of breast and heart disease that we are seeing far too much of in our society at this moment in time.  The level of reconnection it can bring to our hearts, our yonis and to life in general is super-powerful and I would really recommend all women connect with their bodies like this on a daily basis.

If you are keen to learn about nurturing your breasts and heart health on a deeper level still, check out my Breast Love 101 online course.  It is full of simple, easy-to-implement, holistic tools and practices that you can use to optimise your breast and heart health – and your body will love you for it 

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