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  1. Senzelo Ngema

    Hi there
    I need the yoni eggs and wand. My vag walls and muscles need a serious exercise. I had a 4th degree tear 8 yrs ago. How long does this therapy take to work?


    • Hi Senzelo, thanks for getting in touch. I would recommend you start off with a yoni steaming maintenance/repair protocol (1-2 times per week, every week, except during your period) – which will not only help with breaking down any scar tissue from the tear but will also help to increase pelvic circulation and nurture your vaginal tissue too. And nurturing is always a great place to start. For further toning, I would recommend using a yoni egg – for about 10 minutes at a time, on a daily basis if possible. It is very hard to say how long improvement takes as there are so many different factors involved in each person’s individual healing. But the more committed you are to these practices, the sooner you will see improvement. Yoni wands are used more for de-armouring and pleasure – and may well help you release any trauma stored from your tear, as well as any other stored trauma too. Releasing trauma also helps to increase circulation (thus assisting in healing) and restores sensation too. You can read more about the de-armouring process here. Hope this info helps! xx

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