jade eggs

      • Zukiswa Zanele Daliwe

        Hi Julie I’d like to order, need effective herbs to open up my tubes since they were tied in 2018 I want a baby kindly assist,my WhatsApp is 0614986245

        • Hi Zukiswa, wow – sorry – I am only seeing this comment now! Please note that I can advise you further if you would like to book a consultation with me – otherwise you are welcome to choose the correct herb blend by visiting my yoni steaming page here. Please also note that although a regular, intensive steaming protocol can result in your tubes opening (as long as they were “tied” by cauterisation/burning), pregnancy is still never a guarantee. But as I say, I can advise you further if you would like to try this route. Once again, apologies for my very late reply! xx

    • Hi Keba, they can certainly help to tone and strengthen your pelvic floor – but build them up gradually, don’t try to do too many when you first start. They are more strenuous than they look! Gentle yoni egg exercises will also help a lot – but again, start slowly. I am bringing out an online Yoni Eggs course shortly – if you sign up to my mailing list (can’t remember if you are on there already?) then you will be notified as soon as that is open for registration. Wishing you all the best with your recovery 🙂 Juliet xx

    • Hi Shannon, you can order any of my products via the Online Shop. I ship worldwide so once you enter your address details, the shipping rate will automatically be calculated prior to you making payment. Payment can then be made using your credit card via my secure payment gateway. Let me know if you need any further assistance. Thanks – have a wonderful day! 🙂 xx

  1. Annerie Warrington

    I just discovered the yoniverse! I am suspecting mercury deposits on my pineal gland due to amalgam fillings. I was imagining that this is creating the disconnect to my lack of arousal. Do you have any advice?

    • Fantastic Annerie! Welcome! Yes, mercury and its subsequent calcifying effect on the pineal gland definitely affects our hormones and reproductive system – and yes, can also be responsible for lack of arousal. First thing I would recommend, if you haven’t done so already, is having your amalgam fillings removed. But be sure to be SUPER selective over which dentist you choose to do this for you – because it can be very harmful if not done properly. Google “how to safely remove amalgam fillings” and find a dentist who strictly follows the recommended guidelines (such as using a rubber dam to isolate each tooth, keeping the fillings cool and using a proper suction device to safely vacuum up all waste material being removed) so that you are not at risk from mercury contamination. Having done that, I would then checking out this series of articles by Scott Jeffrey – some great suggestions as to how you can first decalcify/detox your pineal gland and also how to protect and activate it again. Wishing you all the best Annerie 🙂 xx

    • Hi Maria, so sorry – only just realised now that I still haven’t answered this! So wand play – whether with yourself or with another – really is about experimentation. Different things work for different people. Obviously having your partner stimulate you vaginally with your wand and then giving them feedback on what feels good is a good place to start… Partners can also help with the de-armouring process too – just make sure that communication is very clear and talked through beforehand so that they know when to keep applying pressure, when to stop and when/where to move on. And if you enjoy anal stimulation, you can also experiment with double penetration – with the wand in your vagina, whilst being penetrated anally by your partner’s penis (improvising accordingly if you are in a same sex relationship) – can bring about some interesting and different experiences of pleasure and orgasm. Really though – whatever feels the most fun and pleasurable to you – you can also have your partner use the wand to stroke and massage other parts of your body – it doesn’t have to be about penetration to feel good. Hope this helps – have fun! xx

      • Sandy Hernandez

        I had a tubal ligation in October of 2017 and I want to get pregnant again. Can you please tell me which herbs with help.

        • Hi Sandy – the herb blend you use will depend on your cycle length and on any other issues you might be wishing to address apart from the tubal ligation. If you visit my yoni steaming page, you will find all of the blends described there. Pick the one that is best suited to you personally. Otherwise, if you would like further assistance with this, then you are welcome to book an online mini-consultation with me – this takes into account all of your menstrual history so that I can best recommend herb blend and steaming protocol plus any other supportive information that may be useful. And then my full consultation provides support over a 3-month time period – if that feels like it would be more useful to you. Hope this helps 🙂 xx

      • Hi Takieshia, thanks for getting in touch. Steaming can help reverse tubal ligation when the tubes have been cut and cauterised/burnt – as the steam dissolves the scar tissue that forms as a consequence of this – and it is this scar tissue that blocks the tubes and prevents eggs from travelling up them and, if fertilised, from implanting in the womb. But the scar tissue from both ends of the cut tubes would have to be broken down and then the egg would have to successfully traverse the gap left between the 2 ends of the tube. So whilst it is totally possible to reverse the procedure in this way (which is why I do warn women with tubal cauterisation that steaming could reverse this method of birth control), it isn’t guaranteed this will necessarily enable you to fall pregnant. But yes, steaming certainly can break down scar tissue like this – and I would recommend daily steaming for at least 10-15 minutes per day, probably for about 3 months, in order to get results. If you are keen on doing something like this, I do offer bulk herbs at a better price, so just let me know if that is something you would be interested in and I will email you details. Thanks Takieshia! Love, Juliet xx

        • Alejandra Perez

          Hello Julie,

          I’m very interested in becoming pregnant after my tubes being burn. Can you please tell me what I need to know to have this happen?

          Thank you

          • Hi Alejandra,
            Thanks for getting in touch.
            Yoni steaming can help with untying tubes – particularly if your tubes were cauterised/burned in order to “tie” them.  
            When fallopian tubes are tied using cauterisation (burning), this causes scar tissue to form – effectively blocking the tubes.  In such an instance, then steaming can, indeed, help to “untie” them. This is because steam “dissolves” the scar tissue – and is also why, if women have had this procedure, they need to be very aware of steam’s ability to do this before they steam (and use an additional form of contraception if they do decide to steam regardless but do not wish to fall pregnant). It also explains why it is so useful for breaking down scar tissue around vaginal/vulval tears or episiotomy/C-section scars. 
            When tubes are “tied” using a clip or a ring, then yoni steaming is highly unlikely to reverse the procedure.
            The blend you should use is very dependent on how long your cycle is, as well as a few other factors.  For those women whose cycle is 28 days or longer, Cleansing is the best blend to use – and steaming sessions can be long (30-45 minutes, using an electric hotplate under the pot to keep steam coming – as long as no IUD fitted, in which case only steam for 10 minutes).  You need to look at daily steaming for between 1-3 months – so it’s quite a commitment.  I do sell bulk herbs for such a protocol, which makes them a bit more affordable – so do let me know if you’d like details of those.  
            Women with 28 days + cycles, who also experience a lot of heat in the body (ie always the warmest in bed!), may prefer to use my Cooling blend instead. – but same protocol as above.    
            Women with 28 days + cycles, who also experience chronic or recurring yeast or bacterial infections, may prefer to use my Purifying blend instead – but same protocol as above.  
            For women with shorter cycles – ie 27 days or less – a gentler approach is required.  First of all, the Soothing blend should be used, and only short (10 minute) daily steaming sessions should be undertaken.  Careful monitoring of cycle length and bleeding is then required – and if cycles start to shorten even more, or bleeding becomes very heavy, then steaming every other day – or even as little as once a week – is advised.  Any positive results re “untying” of tubes, may then take a lot longer – but adding to the uterine fatigue already present in women with short cycles, by over-stimulating the uterus’ natural cleansing process due to steaming too frequently, is clearly to be avoided.  So slow and steady would be the approach here.
            I really hope this helps – but do let me know if you’ve got any more questions. xx

        • Niece

          My tubes are tied and burned not sure if clipped. I do want to conceive agin is it possible still and what are my steps? I’m interested to know how much are your bulk of herbs?

          • Hi Niece, thanks for getting in touch. If your tubes are simply burned/cauterised, then yoni steaming may reverse the procedure – as it “melts” scar tissue, hence “undoing” the cauterisation. It is obviously not guaranteed, but it can happen. You would need to steam daily for at least 3 months. If your tubes have been clipped, however, then it is highly unlikely that steaming will have any effect on reversing the procedure. My bulk herbs are R900 for a 30-steam pack. Please let me know if you would like to order and we can handle this via email. Thanks! 🙂 xx

  2. Bev

    Hi Juliet,
    Can you please advise on what herbs to use for uterine fibroids? I am 57 and have just started with menopausal symptoms so am hopeful that the fibroids will start to shrink now that my estrogen levels will drop? A slight concern: If I use hormone balancing herbs, will the herbs not ‘normalize’ my estrogen levels by stimulating estrogen production?

    • Hi Bev,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I have emailed you a slightly more detailed answer – but for those reading this blog who may have a similar question – you can actually use any of the herb blends for uterine fibroids – your choice will be based on your menstrual history/patterns. If you would like a full assessment of those patterns, you can sign up for a yoni steaming consultation – which includes an initial assessment and recommendation for the type of herbs and steaming protocol, plus follow-ups via email after 1, 2 and 3 months respectively. That would be my top recommendation in order to make sure you choose the right herbs for your own unique constitution.

      The thing with steaming for fibroids is that it is a long process – it is recommended to do it every day for up to 3 months. During this time, some women have actually seen the fibroids come out of them – and some have just started to notice that the symptoms associated with the fibroids have lessened. But if you don’t see/experience such evidence then you may wish to have an ultrasound at the end of 3 months to see how things are looking.

      As for restoring hormonal balance – what steaming does is to increase circulation to the entire reproductive system – and this brings the necessary nutrients to the ovaries and removes toxins/waste from them – thus allowing them to produce their hormones in the right quantities and proportions to each other. But this will only happen according to the natural processes of your own body – it won’t override them. There are tonic herbs in the blends that support your blood and kidneys – and I do add therapeutic herbs as well but the therapeutic herbs are for bringing on a uterine cleanse or overcoming bacterial or yeast infections – they aren’t hormone boosters. The herbs are there to support your body in its natural processes – not to “boost” your hormones in any way.

      And yes, fibroids should definitely start shrinking as a natural consequence of lower estrogen following menopause.

      Hope this helps! xx

  3. Pamela

    Hello. I am 55 and had a partial hysterectomy. Which blend would be good for me??? And, do I steam first then use the Yoni eggs??

    • Hi Pamela, thanks for getting in touch. I have emailed you to ask for more information. Please let me know if you haven’t received that – otherwise, will chat further via email. Thanks! xx

  4. Rob

    Brilliant writing. I am in awe of your courage in expressing this. I am a man who has studied tantra for several decades and who longs for a partner who understands this wisdom and who is willing to share the adventure with me. I have just bought my girlfriend a present of a yoni egg, so I found you in searching for advice on how to use it. I hope that this will open up a journey together! Thank you!

    • Awesome to hear from you Rob – thanks for getting in touch and for your appreciation 🙂 And thanks for sharing some of your journey too. We really do live in such amazing times when it comes to conscious sexuality – and at last we are finding the tools and practices we need in order address this taboo and complex subject. And to potentially access so much joy and transformation as we do so. Love it! Wishing you all the best on your journey… and a beautiful weekend too! 🙂 xx

  5. Deborah

    Great post. So needed. Messages of body positivity and sexual pleasure are critical to counter the resurgence of misogynistic and puritanical shaming of women’s bodies and sexuality.

    • Hi Tina, thanks for getting in touch. If your tubes were tied using cauterisation or any method that has caused scar tissue to form (effectively blocking the tubes), then steaming can, indeed, help to “untie” them. This is because steam “dissolves” the scar tissue – and is also why, if women have had this procedure, they need to be very aware of steam’s ability to do this before they steam (and use an additional form of contraception if they do decide to steam regardless but do not wish to fall pregnant). It also explains why it is so useful for breaking down scar tissue around vaginal/vulval tears or episiotomy/C-section scars. But if your tubes were closed shut using a clip or a ring, then yoni steaming is highly unlikely to reverse the procedure. xx

  6. Noni

    Hi i want to concieve and i have bought yoni steaming. Please advise when is the right time to steam and when should i have sex after steaming in order fir my cervix to open for the sperm.

    Thank you

    • Hi Noni, thanks for getting in touch. If trying to conceive, I would suggest steaming for 3 days in a row from the day after your period finishes, and then steaming on Day 8 of your cycle once again. Do not steam past Day 10, as ovulation can occur as early as this. Days 10-17 are the best days to to have sex on if you wish to fall pregnant – and your cervix will open on its own during ovulation, so you don’t need steam for that to happen. Only steam again if you aren’t pregnant, the day after your next period again. All the best! xx

  7. Hi ..am 32 years old can yoni steaming can help me to get pregnat cuz i had 2 ectopics pregnacy both tubes they cutted n i tried many ways to get pregnat

    • Hi Cynthia, thanks for getting in touch. So if I am understanding correctly, both of your tubes are tied? If so, how was this done? Via cauterisation (heat/burning?) If so, and scar tissue formed as result, consistent yoni steaming can, indeed, “melt” such tissue and “untie” your tubes. If you have had your tubes tied using a clip or a ring instead, however, then yoni steaming is highly unlikely to reverse this procedure. I hope this helps – but if I have misunderstood you, or you would like to continue this conversation privately, please send me a message using the “Contact” page and I will reply to you that way. Thanks and love! xx

  8. Kash

    Hi…I’m 28 and I’m experiencing vaginal numbness. I don’t feel pleasure during sex. Can yoni steaming help me get my groove back?

    • Hi Kash, thanks for getting in touch. Yoni steaming increases circulation – which can certainly help with restoring vaginal sensation. But you might find that “de-armouring” using a yoni wand is more effective at releasing any vaginal tension or physical/emotional stress that might be present (the usual reasons for vaginal numbness, which is a very common issue). You can read more about de-armouring at https://www.yonieggs.co.za/yoni-wands. Yoni wands are also wonderful for pleasure – so this would definitely be my top recommendation as to where to start. Regular use of a yoni egg would also improve circulation and sensation. So basically, wands, eggs and steaming would all help – probably in that order, although making time for such a nurturing practice as yoni steaming would always be a useful adjunct to any sexual healing programme, which is why I rate it so highly. Hope this helps! Love, Juliet xx

  9. Cynthiaaa

    Can you yoni steam while on the birth control shot but this is my last shot it’s wearing off is it good to steam?

    • Hi Cynthiaaa 🙂 Yes you can. It won’t affect a birth control injection at all – but will increase lubrication if suffering from birth control-induced vaginal dryness. As well as bringing all of its other benefits too – all of which will be greatly increased as the level of artificial hormones are reduced in your body. A great time to start steaming! xx

    • Hi Aliyah, I would recommend steaming right away – as long as it feels comfortable to do so. Steam is sterile and, with the right herbs, can only help with healing the operation – and creating the right uterine environment in which to conceive. Check out https://www.yonieggs.co.za/yoni-steaming for more details on the different herb blends I offer (and if you are outside of South Africa, let me know and I will try and direct you to a good herb supplier closer to home). xx

      • Letty

        Hey juliet
        R just gave birth n BLT surgery done on the 2nd December 2020. So I was asking if it’s safe to steam or hoe long must I wait?

        • Hi Letty, so sorry for such a late reply! This is an interesting one because although steaming helps to keep wounds clean and help them to heal without scar tissue, what you are looking for with BLT surgery that involves cauterisation (burning of both ends of each fallopian tube) is the formation of scar tissue in order to block the passage to the womb of any future eggs. If your tubes were fastened with a clip or a ring, then I would say steaming immediately is absolutely fine – but if they have been cauterised you would always be advised to steam with care as the steam itself can break down existing scar tissue and effectively reverse the BLT procedure. That is why women who have had their tubes cauterised, if they choose to steam on a regular basis (which in itself carries so many benefits) are always advised to use additional birth control methods. Hope this helps – and so sorry once again for not getting back to you sooner xx

  10. Eira

    Hi, I have a birth control implant in my arm. Is it safe to use the yoni pearls? When does the birth control start working again after I use them?

    • Hi Eira, thanks for getting in touch. Please note that I don’t sell yoni pearls at present – although I am about to launch them. But I think you are rather referring to the yoni steaming herbs? You can totally use yoni steaming herbs with hormonal birth control – they won’t affect the efficiency of it. But the hormonal birth control may well affect the efficiency of the yoni steaming herbs. Trying to bring balance back to the body with a holistic practice, when the body is being artificially controlled by allopathic medicine, is very difficult to do. I’m not saying the herbs won’t have any effect – but they will have a lot more effect if you use them in combination with more natural birth control methods. Please see Rona Mirimi’s details on my Useful Links page in order to learn more about natural fertility methods. Soooo many benefits on soooo many levels! Hope this info helps! xx

  11. Verah

    Hi im on birth control injection(depo) and i want to use yoni steam,wont yoni steam clean out all the injection becouse i dont want ro get pregnant

    • Hi Verah, thanks for getting in touch. Yoni steaming won’t have any effect on the level of hormones in your body – so you can safely steam whilst on hormonal birth control. BUT… yoni steaming is always going to be a lot more effective when it isn’t having to work against artificial hormones in your body. Steaming is wonderful for bringing back balance to our bodies – but that’s a tricky job when we are add artificial hormones to the mix. I would highly suggest checking out the possibility of using natural methods of birth control, for which there are so many benefits. One of my colleagues – Rona Mirimi – is listed on my Useful Links page and offers both online classes and private consultations on this subject. Hope this helps – have a beautiful weekend! xx

  12. Puse

    Hi I have two question

    1. I have done bilateral tubal ligations where they clamped both tubes 10yrs ago, I would like to fall pregnant again and want to reverse the process. As soon as COVID -19 lockdown rules are eased off, I will go see my gynaecologist. I wonder if in the meantime the steaming can assist in such.

    2. I would like to be a Distributor and learn more about the herbs. How can I go about it.

    • Hi Puse, thanks for getting in touch. Yoni steaming can help with untying tubes – as long as your tubes were cauterised/burned in order to “tie” them. When fallopian tubes are tied using cauterisation (burning), this causes scar tissue to form – effectively blocking the tubes. In such an instance, then steaming can, indeed, help to “untie” them. This is because steam “dissolves” scar tissue – and is also why, if women have had this procedure, they need to be very aware of steam’s ability to do this before they steam (and use an additional form of contraception if they do decide to steam regardless but do not wish to fall pregnant). It also explains why it is so useful for breaking down scar tissue around vaginal/vulval tears or episiotomy/C-section scars. When tubes are “tied” or clamped using a clip or a ring, then yoni steaming is highly unlikely to reverse the procedure. Steaming in general will definitely help prepare a healthy womb space in which to conceive – but, as I say, its effectiveness in reversing tubal ligation is very dependent on the method used. Hope this answers your question. Thanks also for the interest in reselling my products – just tried to email you but apparently the address is incorrect – please send me the correct one via the Contact page. Thanks Puse – have a lovely evening! xx

  13. Tracy

    My tubes are tied only no clips etc.. I want to become pregnant again! Has anyone with ties tubes only become pregnant behind steaming? An how many sessions

    • Hi Tracy, thanks for getting in touch. Personally I haven’t heard of anyone with actual “tied” tubes use yoni steaming to reverse that action. It can reverse cauterised/burned tubes – as the steam breaks down scar tissue – but when tubes are tied using what I would assume to be a special thread that doesn’t break down in the body, then I can’t see how steaming would reverse that. I guess there may be a chance of a surgical reversal – but what the success rate of that might be, I don’t know. And obviously, surgery always comes with its own set of risks. That’s the best I can advise – but you might like to contact Dr Gauri Lowe on my Useful Links page if you would like an opinion from an integrative women’s doctor. Hope this helps. xx

    • Hi Avela, thanks for getting in touch. It’s absolutely fine for you to use any of the products I sell on my site. The product that penetrates the deepest are the yoni steaming herbs – the steam opens the highly absorbent cell tissue of the vagina and the volatile, healing oils from the herbs are carried into the bloodstream and up into the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries that way. But if a fallopian tube is missing, the herbs can’t possibly do any harm – they will just benefit the rest of your reproductive organs. Yoni eggs and yoni wands are used inside the vagina & can’t go any further than the cervix (top of the vagina) – so they don’t even come near the uterus and fallopian tubes. Hope this clarifies 🙂 xx

    • Hi Lemohang, thanks for getting in touch. Vasectomies do not have a 100% success rate – apparently the chances of falling pregnant even if your partner has had a vasectomy is about 0.1-0.2%. There are various reasons for this – but the most common one is having unprotected sex too soon following the procedure. You need to wait at least 3 months and then have your doctor run a test to make 100% sure there are no sperm in your partner’s semen. But yoni steaming has nothing to do with your husband’s fertility and cannot possibly affect the success of a vasectomy at all – so steam away! Hope this helps! 🙂 xx

  14. Aaaliyah

    I am going to do both. But what should I do both?? I’m trying to get a balance hormone and increase my fertility been trying for some time.

    • Hi Aaaliyah, thanks for your message – do you mean you are wanting to use yoni steaming and yoni eggs and you want to know which to start with? xx

        • Hi Aaaliyah, hmmm, this is a tricky one to answer as both can bring benefit in terms of hormone-balancing and increasing fertility. Yoni steaming would still be my top choice though and is always a good foundational practice, no matter what aspect of our sexual health/happiness we are trying to address. Yoni eggs are incredibly good at reconnecting us to our sexuality though – which is naturally hormone-balancing and obviously helpful when trying to conceive… So – if you want to start with one, I would choose steaming – and then consider introducing yoni eggs once you are in a rhythm with that, or feel you could do with extra assistance. Hope this helps! xx

  15. Tielka Sutton

    Hi I’m interested in knowing how to become a Vaginal Steam Facilitator. Also I have my tubes tied be I don’t want to become pregnant again. I’ve seen different yoni steam that help you not get pregnant. Do you know anything about these types of steams.

    • Hi Tielka, thanks for getting in touch. The way I understand steam and tubal ligation is that it doesn’t matter what herbs you use in the steam – it’s the actual steam itself that has a “melting” effect on scar tissue and can, in some cases, break it down sufficiently to reverse the tube-tying procedure and open up the possibility of pregnancy once again. So, if you are going to steam and don’t want to fall pregnant, then I would recommend using a back-up form of birth control. It is worth noting though, that if you had your tubes closed with a clip or a ring (rather than cut & burned/cauterised), it is highly unlikely that yoni steaming will have any effect on reversing the procedure. As for becoming a Vaginal Steam Facilitator, I am working on a Holistic Sexual Wellness course for practitioners – with a strong emphasis on yoni steaming – and can add your name to the list of those interested if you would like me to? Hoping to get this course launched by the end of this year still. xx

  16. Dakalo

    Good day.

    I just had a laparotomy surgery on the 2nd October 2020. I had an ovarian cyst that’s 10cm. I have been trying for a baby for almost 10years now, but I keep having ovarian cysts. This was my 4th surgery removing them. I would like to know if Yoni steaming will assist with falling pregnant and also when can I start steaming?

    • Hi Dakalo, thanks for getting in touch. In terms of getting pregnant, yoni steaming can be useful in several ways. First of all, it increases circulation to the entire pelvic area/reproductive organs and this in turn enables nutrients to be carried to those organs and toxins to be carried away from them. This not only helps the overall health of our reproductive system, it also enables the ovaries to produce the hormones we need in exactly the right quantities and proportions at exactly the right time during our monthly cycle. Yoni steaming will also help clear out any built up material on the inside of the uterus so that a fertilised egg is able to implant itself into the wall of the womb successfully. Regular steaming should also help any cysts that do form to drain out – although this usually takes a more intense steaming protocol (every day for at least 3 months). So overall, yes, it would be very beneficial for you – but I don’t recommend you start steaming again until at least 6 weeks have elapsed since your surgery – or until the wound is fully healed. Also, I’m sure you have had your hormonal balance checked – but obviously everything you can do in terms of any dietary and lifestyle changes necessary will also play a huge part in assisting here. Let me know if you would like any more assistance with that xx

  17. Phindile Dhlamini

    i’ve started steaming from last month snd i didn’t get my period it was just spotting and this is a second month and i’ve got a bit of spotting again should i be worried?

    • Hi Phindile, it would be quite unusual for steaming to have caused your periods to slow down – unless you are steaming with the wrong kinds of herbs. What blend are you using? If not one of mine, please can you send me a list of the herbs in there and I will check them out for you. You are welcome to list them here – or directly to me via the Contact form. Also – please tell me how often you are steaming and when in your cycle you are steaming (ie day after your period ends, or 3 days before your next period begins, etc)? Also please advise if you are dealing with any particular reproductive health issues as these may have a bearing on what is going on here. (I am also presuming you are sure you’re not pregnant?!) Then I should be able to advise you further. Thanks! xx

        • Thanks Phindile – but I would need to know exactly which herbs are in your mix? The different herbs should be listed on the packet that you are using. If they aren’t, it makes it impossible to see if you are perhaps allergic to one of the herbs – which is important to know. And also makes it very difficult to pinpoint any herb that could actually be causing an issue like this too. Also, every yoni steaming herb supplier should also supply more than one blend (at least four, in fact) in order to cover the different needs of different women. And whilst I really don’t like to criticise other suppliers, there is definitely more to putting together steaming herbs’ formulas than just offering a one-size-fits-all blend. Please ask your supplier to give you the list of herbs in your blend so that I can check to see if any of the herbs might actually be delaying your period in some way. In addition, I would really advise you to book an online yoni steaming mini-consultation with me so that I can get a clear overall picture of your cycle, plus any other issues that may have a bearing on what you are experiencing. It’s really difficult for me to advise you further without such information. Once you have booked your consultation, there is a very simple form to complete and submit to me – and I can then give you full and proper feedback on what might be going on with you, as well as the best herb blend/steaming protocol to use, plus any other supportive practices that might be relevant/useful for you. xx

          • In addition, I would just recommend that you steam 3 days in a row, prior to the date of your next period. This should also help bring on a healthy womb cleanse/bleed. And then, once your period has finished (even if it is only spotting) to steam again for 3 days in a row. You can also steam once a week in the weeks in between. But please get me the list of herbs if you can – that will really help me see what might be holding things up here. xx

  18. Schae

    I had laparoscopic tubal, bipolar cautery…. If I steamed will it reverse it? If so how often would I steam and where do you sell the herbs?

    • Hi Schae, thanks for getting in touch. Steaming can reverse this procedure – depending on how much of the tube was destroyed by the cauterisation and how much scar tissue remains as a result. Daily steaming for 3 months would be what I would recommend to see if the scar tissue starts to break down and effectively reverse the cauterisation. But I would also highly suggest finding a gynae to work with who understands yoni steaming and your desire to reverse this procedure so that she can keep track of if/how steaming is helping you to do this. I would also very much suggest not trying to conceive until you are sure that the fallopian tubes are clear/wide enough for an egg to pass down them and into the uterus – otherwise, attempts at getting pregnant could result in ectopic pregnancy (ie if the sperm is able to travel up the tube, but the egg is too large to travel down it – hence fertilisation and implantation can happen outside of the uterus). If you are in South Africa, I might be able to suggest a gyynae you could work with on this. As for the herbs, they are available to order from my shop. Please check out my yoni steaming page first in order to choose the right blend for you. Hope this is useful to you – wishing you all the best xx

  19. Senzelo Ngema

    Hi there
    I need the yoni eggs and wand. My vag walls and muscles need a serious exercise. I had a 4th degree tear 8 yrs ago. How long does this therapy take to work?


    • Hi Senzelo, thanks for getting in touch. I would recommend you start off with a yoni steaming maintenance/repair protocol (1-2 times per week, every week, except during your period) – which will not only help with breaking down any scar tissue from the tear but will also help to increase pelvic circulation and nurture your vaginal tissue too. And nurturing is always a great place to start. For further toning, I would recommend using a yoni egg – for about 10 minutes at a time, on a daily basis if possible. It is very hard to say how long improvement takes as there are so many different factors involved in each person’s individual healing. But the more committed you are to these practices, the sooner you will see improvement. Yoni wands are used more for de-armouring and pleasure – and may well help you release any trauma stored from your tear, as well as any other stored trauma too. Releasing trauma also helps to increase circulation (thus assisting in healing) and restores sensation too. You can read more about the de-armouring process here. Hope this info helps! xx

  20. RubyDustBunny

    Hmmm… I would say I’m definitely in the Autumnal phase of my life, but feeling more like I’m approaching the Spring phase rather than Winter. Thanks for a beautiful article. ♥

  21. Tabitha Patterson

    I had the Essure implants and I have a large fibroid I do not want surgery, will the implants come out? If so how and will they travel?

    • Hi Tabitha, thanks for getting in touch. Hmmm, it’s tricky to advise you here. Steaming can definitely either diminsh the Essure implant’s scar tissue (and thus cause this method of birth control to fail) or it can actually cause the implants themselves to dislodge. If the former occurs, this would simply mean that this method of birth control was no longer effective. But if the latter occurs, it is very difficult to say whether the implants would simply be expelled by the uterus during monthly menstruation (probably the most likely scenario – but definitely not guaranteed) OR if it would instead lodge elsewhere in the uterus/cervix/vagina and if this, in turn, would cause any subsequent issues. So if you did decide to use steaming to deal with the fibroid, you would need to be aware that the effect of steaming on your Essure implants is an unknown that carries possible risks and be prepared to assume responsibility for that. I’m sorry that I can’t give you a more definite answer on this – but that is the full picture of possibilities as I see it. xx

  22. Thembeni Martha Khanyi

    Hi i my tubes were tied and burnt so now i would to have a baby in S.A can you plz help with the gyno that i can visit…before i steam

    • Hi Brittany, thanks for getting in touch. When tubal ligation is performed using clips, yoni steaming won’t be able to help reverse the procedure. It can only have an effect when the tubes are cauterised and form scar tissue – as steam “melts” scar tissue. I’m sorry not to have better news for you – I’m not sure what the surgical options to reverse this procedure might be, but I would recommend finding a good gynae, one who works as holistically as possible, and ask her what your options might be. If you are in South Africa and can let me know where you live I can see if I can recommend someone. xx

  23. Viv

    Absolutely loved reading this, thank you Dear Juliet… For all your tine and energy… Really guuding in this time when we get caught up with the chaos of the changes happening around us.. I do look forward to reading more yoni egg exercises…

    Sending you so much love

  24. Thato

    Hi there, I had my tubes tied in 2012 after giving birth via c-section but unfortunately we lost our little angel a month later as he was a premie. I’ve been trying to get it reversed but with lockdown my surgery keeps getting canceled and I’m losing hope as it’s a government hospital and they might actually not go ahead with it. My husband and I would love to conceive again but starting to lose hope. Can you advise and share testimony on the yoni steaming. Any information will really appreciated. TIA

    • Hi Thato, so sorry for such a late reply. Hmmm, do you know how your tubes were tied? Were they cauterised (cut and burned to form scar tissue to avoid any further passage of eggs to the womb) or fastened with a clip or tie? Dedicated yoni steaming can cause scar tissue to “melt”, effectively reversing tubal ligation surgery that has been carried out via cauterisation. So if this applies to you, you could try this – as long as you understand that there are no guarantees it will be successful. If your tubes were fastened with a clip or a tie, then reversal surgery really is your best bet. I totally understand that lockdown is playing havoc with people’s lives on this kind of level, which is so wrong – and really do feel for you in this. Trusting the process is going to be a huge one for you – and opening yourselves up to the possibility of alternatives like adoption might be worth considering too…. Not easy, I know – I understand where you are coming from and some things are much harder to surrender to than others. I learn more and more about the magic of surrender every single day – even when I don’t naturally wish to surrender to my circumstances, I have started to do so, more and more – and then to wait for the solution – which always comes and is always so perfect. Anyway, let me know what your personal situation is – if your tubes were cauterised and you need assistance with advising on a long-term, dedicated yoni steaming protocol, just let me know. Sending you so much love for it all xx

  25. Julia Albrecht

    Today Im embarking on an at least 30 day self pleasuring journey to heal my sexuality and relationship with pleasure. Reading this really helped me, so I‘m kind of thinking of getting a rose quartz (for love) egg and an obsidian (removes negative energy) wand. What‘s your take on that? Or why are jade eggs also so popular? Looking forward to some of your insights, thank you!

    • Hi Julia, thanks for getting in touch! And that is wonderful to hear – such an empowering and joyful and important journey to embark upon 🙂 When we make time for ourselves like this, it is amazing where such an intention takes us. My own experience has demonstrated to me that just showing up in this way is profoundly healing. Rose quartz and black obsidian are both awesomely powerful stones to use on such a journey – and the combination of the two is a real winner. But it sounds like you have thought that out well already. Ultimately, your intention for this journey (ie to heal your sexuality and relationship with pleasure) supersedes the need to use any particular stone, whilst at the same time, these stones are great for supporting you in this intention. So I always recommend to women to simply trust their gut when choosing their stones – with the right intention, all wands and eggs are equally effective. I think a lot of women do gravitate towards jade as jade was the original stone used to make yoni eggs – but things have moved on a lot since then: we are dealing with additional issues in this day and age – and certain other stones have a particular gift in supporting us with those issues. So that is my take on things – do let me know if you have any more questions! Wishing you a fun, joyful, healing, pleasure-filled 30 days ahead! Much love xx

      • Hello again Glyn, I have just seen that your email bounced back due to an incorrect address or your email account being unable to receive mail. So it seems the issue is on that side. Very much hoping you get to see this message – do let me know if you have an alternative email address I can send the chart to. xx

  26. Nthabiseng Huma

    Hi. I had tubal ligation in 2016 can the steam help me. I desperately need to fall pregnant. Kindly advise if there are any other remedies you can assist me with. Thanx

    • Hi Nthabiseng, thanks for getting in touch. Yoni steaming can help with untying tubes – as long as your tubes were cauterised/burned in order to “tie” them. When fallopian tubes are tied using cauterisation (burning), this causes scar tissue to form – effectively blocking the tubes. In such an instance, then steaming can, indeed, help to “untie” them. This is because steam “dissolves” scar tissue – and is also why, if women have had this procedure, they need to be very aware of steam’s ability to do this before they steam (and use an additional form of contraception if they do decide to steam regardless but do not wish to fall pregnant). It also explains why it is so useful for breaking down scar tissue around vaginal/vulval tears or episiotomy/C-section scars. When tubes are “tied” or clamped using a clip or a ring, then yoni steaming is highly unlikely to reverse the procedure. Steaming in general will definitely help prepare a healthy womb space in which to conceive – but, as I say, its effectiveness in reversing tubal ligation is very dependent on the method used. I may be able to give you more advice re optimising your chances of falling pregnant – eg diet/lifestyle etc – but I would need to know more about your reproductive history in order to do that. So what I would recommend would be to book an online mini-consultation with me – which just entails filling in a very quick form – and I will then be able to advise further. Thanks Nthabiseng – enjoy the rest of your day 🙂 xx

        • Hi Demeika, thanks for your message. You can get all of the details as to how yoni steaming works by going to this page here – https://www.yonieggs.co.za/yoni-steaming. I did email you last month about using steaming to untie tubes – which you have hopefully received? Steaming to dissolve scar tissue is something I would recommend steaming on a daily basis for – and you may need to steam for up to 3 months before you see any results. (You can order bulk herbs for intensive steaming programmes here – choose the right blend for yourself by reading through the information on the yoni steaming page first). Even then, and although steam is amazing at dissolving scar tissue, please understand that success in falling pregnant can never be 100% guaranteed. If you have short menstrual cycles (27 days or less) then daily steaming may shorten your cycle even further – in which case you need to start more slowly – steaming once or twice a week (using my Soothing blend) – and working your way up from there. Hope this helps – but let me know if you’ve got any more questions. Thanks! xx

  27. Lachele

    If I’m on nexplanon and I yoni steam is there a certain amount of time before the nexplanon will work again?

    • Hi Lachele, the issue with steaming and being on Nexplanon is that the mechanism by which Nexplanon works – ie preventing pregnancy by creating thick mucus in the uterus so that implantation of a fertilised egg cannot take place – can be compromised by the steam breaking down and clearing out the mucus. This is one of the functions of yoni steaming and is why it is so successful at clearing out stubborn/recurrent yeast and bacterial infections, as yeast and bacteria can thrive in thick mucoid deposits. But when it comes to maintaining this particular method of birth control, yoni steaming definitely comes with a word of caution – and that is that it is advised to use a back-up method of birth control if you wish to steam and to stay on Nexplanon as well. I would always recommend looking at more natural methods of birth control/cycle mapping – so much better for your reproductive health on an ongoing basis – but I do appreciate that this is a very personal choice and not necessarily for everyone. Hope this helps clarify! xx

    • Also – I’m not sure how long it would take after steaming before the Nexplanon built up the mucus again – but I guess the best gauge of this would be how long you had to wait when you first had the implant put in before you could rely on this for birth control? xx

  28. Zukiswa Zanele Jessica Daliwe

    I can’t wait at all did my 2nd steam today felt a bit of a pain like something shifting, also had my tubes tied. We are trying to get pregnant with Boo. Praying and hoping for the best results🤞🙏🤰

    • Hi there, thanks for getting in touch. It’s great to hear that you already felt something shifting – fertility status aside, there are soooo many benefits to yoni steaming so it can only be helpful in maintaining strong menstrual health and yes, hopefully, undoing the cauterisation of your tubes so that you can fall pregnant again. Please keep me posted as your progress. Thanks and love! xx

  29. Allie

    I have my tubes cut and burn 6 years ago but I want to get pregnant. Can steaming help? What Yoni steam product should I buy? How long do I need to use it for? Can I have sex after steaming? I live in Iowa, USA.

    • Hi Allie, yes, steaming can help – but you need to look at daily steaming for at least 3-6 months before expecting to conceive. And even then, conception obviously cannot be guaranteed. The herb blend you would use depends on a few factors – Steamy Chick in the US, like me also supply 4 different blends, so check these out and see which one sounds most suitable for you. I’m not sure what bulk herbs they supply for longer steaming programs, but this is something that you can check on the website. As for sex after steaming – it’s a great time to have sex, as all of your tissues – and your mind – are beautifully relaxed – so enjoy! Hope this info helps and wishing you all the best! xx

    • Hi Marla, thanks for reaching out. Yes, as long as your tubes have been clamped, rather than cauterised (burned), it is safe to steam. It is only when the tubes have been closed by scarring alone that steaming can be an issue. Hope this helps! xx

  30. Cassandra clarke

    Hi, I had a open myomectomy exactly two weeks ago, removing 15 fibroids via c section. I’m still spotting dark burgundy blood. I do get my period the day of my surgery. Can I steam today, if not when can I steam?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Cassandra, thanks for getting in touch. Steaming should only be started 6 weeks after the operation or once the stitches have healed. Steaming can then be very helpful in terms of reducing any remaining swelling and improving circulation (which aids further healing), as well as reducing the chance of the formation of scar tissue. But you must definitely not steam if you have your period or if there is any spotting or fresh blood of any kind, as this could cause you to bleed a lot more heavily. In order to give you advice on what blend to use and what steaming protocol to follow, I would need more information, however. You are very welcome to book a mini-consultation with me so that I can advise further. I really hope this helps – and I wish you a speedy recovery 🙂 xx

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